New Met Chief wants cops to carry tasers

Tough guy new Met. Chief Bernard Hogan-Howe wants all police cars to be fitted with tasers.  The London Standard reported today: “New Scotland Yard chief Bernard Hogan-Howe today called for police response officers to be routinely armed with Taser stun guns to tackle dangerous criminals in London.  He said one option could be to equip all police cars in the capital with the weapon, which can temporarily disable suspects.”

All Londoners were shocked to hear that four police officers were stabbed in a butcher’s shop in Kingsbury recently.  Our police force is in danger every day, protecting our safety, and tasers would be much better than guns. This YouTube shows just how effective tasers are, with hilarious results.

And this blog says bring back Dirty Harry!

One response to “New Met Chief wants cops to carry tasers

  1. I’m in favour of tasers for violent criminals, I believe our police need more than batons when facing these guys.

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