Boris’s plan for a new Boris Island airport is solution to our economic problems

Today, Boris Johnson produced a 100 page report saying that a new Boris Island airport would produce billions of  foreign direct investment into Britain from fast–growing developing countries such as Brazil and China.

An artist’s impression of the new airport

The Daily Telegraph reported today:  “The news comes amid suggestions that the Treasury and Downing Street are throwing their weight behind the plans.  A report published by Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, today cites the example of France, which benefits from having more direct links with China and Brazil.  It says that last year France received £1.26billion of investment from Brazil, because of its direct air links with the South American country.

Britain receives only 20 per cent of the number of Chinese tourists who visit France, the report s

Daniel Moylan, deputy chairman of Transport for London, who wrote the report, told The Daily Telegraph: “They have far more flights to Brazil than we do. People are treating London as a country station at the end of a branch line where the main station is Paris, Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Brazil and China are the countries we need to deal with.

“It is an important part of the growth agenda – they have got to show they are investing in the infrastructure that we need for future.”

The report will put pressure on the Government to accelerate a consultation – due to start next year – into whether the country needs another hub airport. There were reports at the weekend that senior figures in Downing Street, such as Steve Hilton, head of strategy, are backing the plans. George Osborne, the Chancellor, is also said to be supportive. However, it is understood that Justine Greening, the Transport Secretary, has a number of concerns over the viability of the “Boris Island” project.”  This sounds like a fantastic idea, and it should be investigated at soon as possible.  We are fortunate to have a politician with such a fertile brain as our Mayor, who has an answer to every problem.

Read the rest of this article in the Daily Telegraph today.

One response to “Boris’s plan for a new Boris Island airport is solution to our economic problems

  1. There is no excuse for not looking at this idea immediately. Like all of Boris’s ideas, well thought out, logical and practical. Go for it for God’s sake.

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