Visit the Back Boris E-shop for unusual Christmas gifts

For true Boris aficionados, there is no place they would rather shop than the Back Boris e-shop.  Apart from the Back Boris T shirt, there are some great gifts, such as the Back Boris cuff links and Back Boris mugs.

I like the Back Boris umbrella (you are effortlessly campaigning, while staying dry) and the Back Boris water bottle is the chic accessory for all keep fit enthusiasts.

It’s a shame there is no Back Boris Christmas card, or Back Boris wrapping paper.  On twitter, several tweeters suggested names for a Boris Aftershave. The most popular name was Whiff Waff, with Ping Pong suggested for the matching soap.  Bath foam (Boris Bubbles) ,  even hair colour (Boris Blond – A Nordic white blond), would be bound to sell well.

Could our Mayor venture into the clothing department?  Boris Boxers, (a cheery bicycle print), would surely be a smash. A range of cuddly Pedigree Pooches, each with the face of a well known politician (Boris is of course, the Old English Sheepdog). would delight any child. Our Mayor is clearly a marketing man’s dream, and he is such a master of the media, Boris I-Pods (called B-Pods)  cannot be far behind.

16 responses to “Visit the Back Boris E-shop for unusual Christmas gifts

  1. Thanks Suzy for reminding us this link is about the Boris E-shop. If anyone wants to argue about Occupy, will they do it on the later two links, thanks.

  2. I have just bought the Boris brella and cuff links!


    Occupy London are illegally camped on the highway. They will moved on soon, sick of them telling us what we already know as though they are geniuses for having tought it. And angel is right. They haven’t a clue what to do about anything and they are ruining the area for the small businesses. Selfish posing. You only have to read about the woman bragging about hearing from John Cusack to know she is a star f………..

  4. The Occupy protestors are posers with no solutions. They are only saying what everyone knows already. It is not that everyone disagrees that the system is unfair, or that the bankers ripped us all off. We all agree with that.

    The problem is what to do about it. Because we do need the bankers, particularly in the UK, where our financial services contribute so much to our economy, but on the other hand, they have ripped us all off royally.

    No group of Occupy protestors has any sort of solution. They just want to sit there, saying things we already know. Occupy London are seriously affecting the profits of the small businesses surrounding St. Pauls, but they just don’t care, which is dreadfully unfair. The smug assumption of Occupy protestors that only they realise that the system stinks is very annoying, as is their utter failure how to set everything right. I agree with Boris that the financial transaction tax should be global, because if it is not, it will mean a lot of unemployment in London.

    If you have any sort of solution at all Lorraine, I should like to hear it. Over here, the Occupy protestors don’t even agree on their aims. Meanwhile the unions intend to strike, having turned down a generous offer that would mean their pensions are funded by private sector workers in tax. Why doesn’t Occupy protest about that?

    • Those extra generous civil service pensions that everybody keeps going on about? My husband has paid into his for little over 19 years, still has 16 years till he retires (only now he’ll have to work a few years longer, and pay in more) and guess what he’ll get after all those years of paying in? he’ll retire with £7,000 per year. Yep 7 grand a year…. does that sound extra generous to anyone? The way inflation is going that won’t buy a couple of tins of dog food 20 years from now. Many civil servants retire with less, and remember they get hammered with tax too. It’s not just private sector workers who pay tax. Hubby is still against strikes. Just saying.

      Hi Angela loving the Boris shop!!

  5. I’m doing it semi-professionally now, driving the Occupy Vancouver haters insane with rage. “Why, I have a job, I took a shower today, and I’m on the waiting list for tents here, as all the ones I can find are full. I’m also teaching the Occupiers a workshop for free which would cost YOU a thousand dollars a day. Oh, gotta go, John Cusack just retweeted me again…”

    It’s not the rich people who are attacking it; it’s the ones who aren’t doing well, who think that by being slavishly loyal to the 1% and the status quo, they’ll somehow be rewarded. They won’t be.

    But they are fun to toy with.

  6. What would Whiff Waff smell like? Sweat and Tawny Port?

    • Fresh clean air, new mown grass and sun warmed orchard apples as you thwack that ball across the net. How many people have you pushed over the edge since we last spoke?

  7. The ultra sensible Walaa Idris has suggested a shredder! A Boris shredder would be an excellent gift for savvy political aides, and Oliver Letwin would surely be first in the queue!

  8. Someone could buy me the water bottle

  9. You’ve got great insights about christmas gifts, keep up the good work!

  10. Boris jammies? That would be great!

  11. I would like the shop to stock all of Boris’s books, including his latest book on London.

  12. Had a Boris T shirt which I was given whilst campaign. Loved it. Haven’t seen it since I moved house.
    Like Whiff Waff…or Aroma Mayor perhaps 🙂

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