Heartbreak for Wales

The first minutes of the Wales/France semi-final showed who was boss.  The Welsh were superior and a French supporter tweeted “J’ai peur!”

Suddenly the game was turned on its head as the heart of the Welsh side,  captain Sam Warburton was sent off with a red card by half French referee Alain Rolland, for an over boisterous tackle, that had absolutely no malicious intent. Wales had to fight for their lives with only 14 men.  From only 18 minutes into the game, a distraught Warburton had to watch helplessly from the sidelines, as Wales went down 8-9.

Austin Healey tweeted:  It wasn’t a bad spear he just lost grip of him and Clerc jumped into the tackle worst decision of this rwc #RWC2011

Francois Pienaar commentating had this to say: He has killed the guy! I am livid! It was wrong! He has killed the game!

Lawrence Dallaglio.  Allain Rolland is supposed to be one of the best referees in the world.  He has made a terrible mistake.
Francois Pienaar:  The French team were not fit.  They showed no attacking skills and lost two games and they are in the World Cup Final?
Even with only 14 men, Wales continually threatened the French and scored a dazzling try.  France nicked the game 9-8.   to preserve the sapirit of the game, there should be a replay with Warburton once more captaining the Welsh side.  Alain rolland should never be allowed to referee a rubgy match again.  The Welsh nation is heartbroken.  England is heartbroken.  Justice has not only not been done, it has trashed into the mud.
UPDATE: ITV reports that the rugby world is unanimous in agreeing that Sam Warburton was on the end of an appallingly unjust decision.  Francois Pienaar has called for technology to be used in such important decisions.  “It killed the game.  At best it was a yellow card, never a red”  he said. Michael Lynagh and Sean Fitzpatrick both agree the ref. should have involved the linesmen, given a yellow card, and if a later investigation showed malice, Warburton should have missed the final. Even down to 14 men, Wales made France look like a bunch of pussies.

8 responses to “Heartbreak for Wales

  1. Well all the picture on the Web show the french player with his hips above his head, in judo Warburton would get an Ippon but in rugby he just got the bench.

    • In the present RWC tournament, there are so many examples of worse tackles that were yellow carded. Ref. could have given him a yellow card and taken the investigation further afterwards. He didnt haved to kick him out of the game without even consulting the line judges,knowing that meant he was handing the game to the French. I agree with Francois Pienaar, this was the worst, most unfair decision in the history of World Cup Rugby, the ref. had an agenda, and the whole thing is an absolute outrage.

  2. The Sunday papers to a man denounce the decision of Rolland, hope he never referees another game. Warburton did not lift Clerc then drop him, what game were you watching Stuart? Just reading Sir Ian McGeechan, another voice raised in outrage,still I am sure Stuart knows better than all these people.

  3. jenniferjuniper

    So unfair. So so unfair. He did not deserve that sending off and France did not deserve to win.

  4. I know the emotions are running high but this red card was quite correct. he lifted him & dropped him. The rules are quite clear in the case of dropping or driving any player with his hips above his head

    • There was no malicious intent. On ITV they showed several tackles in the RWC which were even worse, but only got a yellow card. Every single pundit, ex rugby player, ex rugby captain has said it was an appalling decision and quite wrong. Why didn’t he give him a yellow card letting him finish the game, and had an enquiry afterwards? if found guilty, he would have missed the final. sorry, you are absolutely wrong and am so angry, cannot discuss this further. It was the worse, cruellest decision I have ever seen and everyone agrees but you.

    • That’s not what Austin Healey said on twitter, see his comment above. i agree with the comments above, it was a terrible decision and totally out of order. Dodgy dealing if you ask me.

  5. Wales were robbed! Most outrageous decision in the entire World Cup.

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