Mud slinging at Boris is getting hilarious

Boris is polling way ahead of his party and is now 41/100 to win with Betfair.   Ken’s campaign has been such a disaster, there are persistent rumours that Labour are thinking of dumping him as an embarrassing liability.  No surprise then that the mud slinging from jealous rivals is reaching laughable levels, so much so that one critic on twitter, @yrotitna, spat out  an awful accusation!  Boris jumped a red light! I laughed so hard, I fell off the bed!

To much virulent fanfare, a bio. attacking our Mayor appeared a few weeks ago but the rehashing of old news padded out with a lot of wishful thinking was the most creative thing about it.  The only result was that on the day that the book came out, Boris’s odds on winning improved with Betfair.  Twice.

Tweeter @MichaelH14 tweeted:@moronwatch @angelneptustar “Evening Standard shoe horned Boris into power in 1st place with their uncritical propaganda.”  The Standard is vilified for Backing Boris, and bitter is the bile from Labour and Guardianistas that this paper never says anything nice about Ken.  The truth is the Standard thinks that Boris is by far the best candidate and as for saying nice things about Ken, there is nothing nice to say.

Critics have slung everything at Boris and nothing sticks.  Boris is accused simultaneously of trying to derail David Cameron (the bullshit bio) and of being in league with him to fool the electorate.  (Adam Bienkov).  Maybe he is doing both!   One of the most ludicrous smears was that every single one of Boris’s policies is just to get up David Cameron’s nose, not because he believes they are the best thing for London.

Polly Toynbee, sneered at ordinary people at the time of the Royal Wedding for showing how they love this country.  Lefties have the same contempt for the thousands of devoted Londoners that love Boris.  It must really stick in their throats that You Gov proves that at least a fifth of Labour voters intend to vote for Boris.  We haven’t yet read on twitter that Boris was caught jay walking, popped a child’s balloon or is a secret cross dresser.  There’s still time though.

ps.  another tweet from  @yrotitna to @angelneptustar lol hope Boris was with you and u both broke yr necks.

One response to “Mud slinging at Boris is getting hilarious

  1. They just cannot bear that Ken is losing.

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