Boris’s plans spell death for chubby chasers

Sheesh!  There is no hiding place!  For the chubby ones with soft cuddly bits and thighs like a European soccer forward, (okay, me!) life as we know it has ended.  The brilliant excuse that it was all too expensive has been ripped apart – Boris has made so many exercise opportunities free, through Freesport, blast it!  I mean, Hooray!  Well done Boris!

The Johnson family without exception are super energetic. They would have run the Kennedies ragged, and hammered them into the ground in any sporting confrontation.  Patriarch Stanley climbed Mount Kilimanjaro recently for charity at the age of 71 years old.  Joe Kennedy would have been on his knees! Boris plays cricket, tennis, squash, rugby, football, and ping pong.  Sister Rachel plays cricket and fields like Ian Bell. It goes on.

My hopes that this would all take ages to arrange have been dashed – Boris and his aides have been appallingly, I mean commendably, on the ball over this.    I would have suggested they take a little longer to talk about it, maybe consult the London Assembly, let them have their say, at length,  but no, it is all fixed up.

The Mayor’s website reports “FreeSport works with around 150 small sports clubs and community groups to put on free and fun sporting opportunities across London. Londoners can access at least six hours of free coaching in a range of sports and activities. Get involved now at: FreeSport. Simply enter your postcode to find out what is on in your local area.”

This bit is actually really good.  You can train to be a coach or ref. with 75% of the cost of training deducted, and lots of people would love to do that.  There are also going to be free basket ball clubs for kids, and mobile swimming pools are being moved around London, truly tremendous opportunities.

These are just the sporting benefits available, there are loads of other advantages already there for Londoners because of the Olympics.  Check out the list here and you  will be amazed at the things on offer. This is just the beginning.

We all want to be fit and healthy, or at least that is what we tell people and it is great that all these sports will be free.  Millions are also being spent on developing the surrounding areas.  Check out the link.  A tremendous amount of thought and planning has gone into achieving these benefits, and we all know that Boris is a genius at raising funding and sponsorship for London.

Start off by watching Boris and his team do the exercise, as a guide, to absorb the techniques!  With a hot cuppa and half a cheese sarnie!  (moderation in all things). That’s what I’m going to do.

3 responses to “Boris’s plans spell death for chubby chasers

  1. I am sick of the people saying nothing is being done. Boris is doing all this! Thank you to the Mayor.

  2. What is a chubby chaser…… people that fancy chubby chasers?

  3. That’s me! A chubby chaser. I’m also a chub myself……

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