Karma strikes as Strauss skippers England to No. 1

Nasser Hussain and coach Duncan Fletcher turned England into a tough side. Hussain quit in 2003 to be replaced by Michael Vaughan. In 2005, England won six Test series in a row, culminating in the Ashes. Michael Vaughan then went and Andrew Flintoff became captain.  Flintoff was preferred to quiet, dedicated Andrew Strauss.

In a split vote, Duncan Fletcher rejected Strauss and voted for Flintoff.  It looked like Strauss’s chance had gone for ever. Under Flintoff, England lost the Ashes to Australia, 5-0. Vaughan came back for while with coach Peter Moores, then he left and Kevin Pietersen had his chance.  In, out and Moores went with him.

In the mess, there was only one way to turn.  There were doubts, but Andrew Strauss became captain and Andy Flower was given a chance as acting coach.  They clicked and the team never looked back.  Displaying outstanding man management skills, Strauss, helped by tough Saffer Flower, moulded England into world champions.

Did karma strike to the power of three when England went cock of the walk?  Because the coach in charge of India, as England swept majestically over them to lead the world, was Duncan Fletcher, the man who turned down Andrew Strauss.

4 responses to “Karma strikes as Strauss skippers England to No. 1

  1. Super blog angel. England are number one…….

  2. Strauss is an angel, his wife is a lucky woman. What a rolde model.

  3. England justified their title as world beaters, they were too good for India in all departments.

  4. Strauss is a superb captain. Really good man management skills.

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