Desperate Ken tries hoary old trick of getting a dog

When, as a politician, you start actually repelling people, one well worn escape route is to get a dog.  Well it worked for President Nixon!  Briefly anyway.  Checkers was one of the most famous dogs in political history, a cocker spaniel who belonged to Republican vice-presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon in 1952.

Denying charges that he had accepted money from a secret political slush fund, Nixon gave a televised address insisting that the only gift he’d accepted was the family dog, Checkers, from a Texas admirer. The talk was a hit with the public, saved Nixon’s place as Dwight Eisenhower‘s running mate, and soon became known as “the Checkers speech”.   

Evoking the Kennedy era, Peter Mandelson also had some most appealing pictures taken with his loved pet, Bobby.  Never exactly original in his thinking, (HAHA) Ken has now adopted this hoary old tactic in an attempt to make himself more appealing. An article on the Not Ken Again website, brutally pointing out that not even the Labour Party could stand Ken, was not exactly an ego boost.  Even worse was the article by Andrew Gilligan, reporting that Ken was literally begging Labour Councillors for their support.

Recently our Mayor made a speech on the Olympics in Trafalgar Square that had everything. It had wit, humour, enthusiasm and deep, patriotic emotion. It was Boris at his best There was a huge wave of affection for Boris on twitter and terrific cheering in Trafalgar Square, as London’s true feelings for the Mayor were revealed. Behind him, Seb Coe, President Rogge and Princess Anne were having a fit of the giggles.  David Cameron was so funny; if there was a balloon over his head, it would have read “What the deuce!”  It was an inspiring and uplifting moment that said everything about the appreciation Londoners feel for the Mayor we have.

Ken’s labrador is called Coco.   You are going to need that dog Ken, but they say a dog is like its master.  In that case, you should have picked a snappish, bad tempered dog and called it Hades.

One response to “Desperate Ken tries hoary old trick of getting a dog

  1. It’s gonna more than a dog to bring Ken back from the dead. Much much more…..

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