Cometh the hour,cometh the man. George is now in Boris Johnson’s shadow

In a fascinating article in today’s London Standard, it is clear that battle lines are drawn and as far as the City is concerned, Boris is their man! If there is a swash to be buckled, it is buckled by the man who surpasses Cyrano de Bergerac in embodying the word “panache”.

The Standard reports today:  “The buzz at the elite private gambling club in Mayfair was not about roulette or poker, but another type of gambling: who to back as the next leader of the Conservative Party. Hours earlier, Boris Johnson had made a swashbuckling foray into the political debate by saying he would cut taxes significantly to get the economy moving. The Mayor’s intervention had put the group of businessmen on a high. The consensus was clear: they were not just backing Boris for London, they were backing him to go all the way.

“People on the Right are ecstatic,” said one of those present. “Boris is a small-state Conservative, a freedom man, he believes in low tax and low intervention.”

What will please Johnson most about the enthusiasm of his new fan club is that until his call for a cut in national insurance and the scrapping of the 50p top rate of income tax, almost all of those present had viewed George Osborne as the leader-in-waiting. But the Chancellor is now in Johnson’s shadow. As far as these movers and shakers are concerned, the Mayor is their man.

His morale-boosting comments, followed by a rallying cry for a cut in corporation tax to help firms compete, were just the shot in the arm they needed.”

Note the word “morale-boosting”.   Singlehandedly, Boris has strode splendidly over the fearmongers and gloomadons to give the country hope and to show how it should be done.  For every ill affecting society, he has found a solution.  Unemployment?  ApprenticeshipsMaterialism and selfishness running rampant?  Volunteering and sponsorship.  Kids turning to crime, lost, abandoned, uncared for, lacking stability?  Mentoring.  Re-offending, afte prison, going back to crime as their business?  The Heron Project.  Economy needs a boost? Cut the 50p tax band and N.I.  and so it goes on.

The Standard continues:  “Supporters point out that Johnson’s personal ratings are ahead of both Cameron’s and Osborne’s. “Boris is a toff but he somehow comes over as a bloke, whereas Cameron and Osborne still seem arrogant,” said one backbencher, adding: “It is extraordinary. If you had told me three years ago that Boris would be making the front pages on the economy, I would have said you were mad, but he is now a serious figure, with parity of esteem alongside Osborne.”

Instead of sitting on his hands and slagging off the opposition, which is what so many politicians do, Boris just doesn’t have time for that.  He is too busy raising millions in funding for the capital, hugely enterprising, and he gets the money because of the high esteem and confidence he is inspires in captains of industry.

Best of all, the Mayor is working with aide Dan Ritterband to plan major, Olympics style sponsorship of future projects in the capital.  This will greatly reduce the amount coming from the public purse.

Read the entire article in the London Standard today here.

3 responses to “Cometh the hour,cometh the man. George is now in Boris Johnson’s shadow

  1. Boris for PM and all the Tory MEPs as ministers, now that works for me

  2. Works for me too.

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