Mike would still love Zara if she were a checkout girl at Tesco says his Mum

You only have to look at the body language to know that it’s true.  The way they stand proudly side by side, glowing.  The way they hug, not caring who sees them.  The way she pats his behind. She’s a bit of a handful and temperamental and he understands her.  This is a match made in heaven and all the cliches are the simple truth.  They have been together for seven years. For Mike Tindall and Zara Phillips, it’s true love.

There is so much sleaze, sorrow, duplicity and betrayal in the news at the moment.  Dreadful murders.  Abuse of the vulnerable.  Good to remember that for all the darkness, there is light, there is peace and there is happiness.  People who stick by each other through the toughest times and their devotion never wavers. There is bravery and there is loyalty, there is never letting someone down.   It is understandable this couple, both dedicated professional sportsmen, want to get married away from the full glare of publicity.  It’s a pity we can’t see the wedding on television though…….. we are starved of joyous occasions,  all those hunky rugby men, in morning dress….. we wish them every happiness.

2 responses to “Mike would still love Zara if she were a checkout girl at Tesco says his Mum

  1. They are getting married today. You can see they fancy the hell out of each other and also love each other. It is nice.

  2. You old softie you! They do love each other, you can tell.

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