Watch Boris at Mayor’s Question Time

Although it is ten months before we vote in the Mayoral election, the race is on, and there is some serious campaigning going on.  Anyone who is interested in politics would be missing an absolute treat if they did not visit the London Assembly  and watch Boris in action with the Assembly Members at Mayor’s Question Time.

It is free and the general public can just turn up.  You check the time of the next Mayor’s QT on Boris’s official website, trot round to City Hall and take your seat on the 2nd floor for 10 am.  Sometimes, (EEEK!),  you see Ken in the public gallery, looming silent and menacing,  over the proceedings.   It would sometimes be a bit dry, were it not for Boris.  He is unfailingly thought provoking and amusing.  There are also some real characters to be viewed.  Bad boys Len Duvall and Biggsie (John Biggs) used to be quite horrible to Boris but their behaviour has improved.  Jenny Jones, (wild  curls), the Green candidate, is always interesting on Green issues.  Kit Malthouse is  reassuring about policing (he is beefy  and looks like a bouncer), and you will not be able to listen to the views of Richard Barnbrook (BNP) without flinching.

There have been moments of high drama!  Just before the last General Election, all the Labour members launched a concerted attack on the Mayor.  Fools!  Normally unfailingly good natured, for once Boris had had enough, and he whaled in and beat them up so successfuly, they were all reduced to trembling, twitching stains on the carpet.  It was carnage.

Then there was the time that Biggsie was so obnoxious he was nearly thrown out!  Chairman Dee Doocey has been accused of lacking the even handedness necessary for the Chair!  Jennette Arnold is now taking a turn.  Once, shock horror, Biggsie actually had nice things to say about the cable car! (sensation!)  I didn’t enjoy it when certain members were very rude and unkind, but that has changed.

Whatever I think of their politics, I am always impressed by the dedication and the devotion to duty of the London Assembly members as well as the Mayor.  And Boris isn’t always an angel.  If he decides to tease and won’t answer a question, he knows how to make their lives hell, (HAHA!) because nobody in the world is as clever at not answering if he doesn’t want to as Boris.  He only does it when people are very objectionable though.   He used to almost reduce them to tears,  I can see certain peoples’ fingers are itching to box his ears. (chortle)  He hardly ever does it now though.

Some sessions are quite inspirational when they all get together, united in the desire to do the best for the capital.  I won’t lie, it can be confusing at first, if you aren’t used to the jargon, but sessions are filmed.  You can watch it on BBC Parliament, but it is not half at much fun as being there, because they cut out a lot of the jokes.  If you love London and care about politics, you have to pay a visit at least once.  You will learn so much.  This is democracy and we should feel proud.

2 responses to “Watch Boris at Mayor’s Question Time

  1. I haven’t ever managed to get down there, or watched it on TV. Must watch BBC Parl, I do have SKY..

  2. Have seen it on BBC Parl. Very interesting.

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