Leftie moaners wrong about what Boris is up to

An article written by John Rentoul in the Independent today purports to know what Boris Johnson is up to, and according to John, it is all about taking over from David Cameron.  Competition in politics and in our society is healthy and the PM said that himself, when he appeared on Daybreak.  John Rentoul makes much of a remark from Boris when he quite properly refused to answer for No. 10 on the subject of Andy Coulson.  Funny how Rentoul doesn’t mention that it was Boris who briefed DC for his House of Commons ordeal on the hacking scandal.I should like to ask John Rentoul if he has ever attended any of the Question and Answer sessions Boris holds for the general public and if he is aware of the many volunteering and mentoring schemes started by the Mayor?  Does Mr. Rentoul know about the activities of Team London?  Does he know about the brilliant work the 1,700 mentors, Ray Lewis and the father of Damilola Taylor,  are doing to help and support young black kids who lack a strong father figure?

Doesn’t he think that Boris’s vitally important Fight Illiteracy Scheme, (backed cross the parties by Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg and supported by Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and a host of celebs, who appreciate the crippling consequences of illiteracy) is worth a mention?  Odder still that John Rentoul finds no space to talk about the millions of pounds in sponsorship that Boris has personally raised for the capital, (needless to say, Boris’s opponent Ken raised zip for the capital as funding when he was Mayor).

I suppose if you have no ideas or solutions from  your own party to the problems facing this country, you have no alternative but to descend to the negative, badly researched claptrap that passes for journalism when Lefties talk about our Mayor these days.  In the light of today’s tragic news about Norway and Amy Winehouse, it would have been so much more inspiring and hopeful if Mr. Rentoul had given some space to the positive action being taken by City Hall.  And in answer to his own question, “What can Boris Johnson be up to?”, Mr. Rentoul could have answered, truthfully, “On a  deep and fundamental level, he is changing our society for the better.”

3 responses to “Leftie moaners wrong about what Boris is up to

  1. So many good ideas here, and all the Left do is pick it all to pieces.

  2. Just like Dave Hill. Snidey digs and no solutions.

  3. This is a typical left wing article from Rentoul. Sneering, not a good word to say, twisting the facts. As you say, what else do they have to contribute?

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