Boris briefed David Cameron for his House of Commons ordeal

David Cameron displayed all of his famed cool as he faced the House of Commons today. He was breathing fire as he launched himself off the starting line.  No wonder he looked confident.  Boris Johnson had briefed him before the vital confrontation and you don’t get better help than that! The ordeal that the PM faced was no easier than the one Boris faced when he held a press conference and was bushwhacked by a group of posing pressmen eager to duff him up with a preconceived idea of the situation.  Needless to say, they spoke with the benefit of hindsight, and totally ignored the background history. The public is sick of the finger pointing and politicising of this issue.  Apparently we have the most immoral press in the world.  Our tabloids are revealed as having no ethics or principles.   Carl Bernstein said on SKY today that journalism should be the closest thing possible to the truth.  Most of the tabloids make no attempt to do that.  Something must be done about this degrading situation and about the corruption in our police force. Ed Miliband put in a woeful performance.  The man cannot attack for goodness sakes, and lacks the courage of his convictions.  This is an accusation that could never be levelled at either David Cameron or our Mayor. So much for all the nasty remarks, hinting Boris was gleefully anticipating DC’s demise.  This was a true team effort, and a most generous gesture from the Mayor.  This is how it should be

3 responses to “Boris briefed David Cameron for his House of Commons ordeal


  2. It will never be like Brown and Blair between these two. There is nothing wrong with heathy competition, but the poisonous backstabbing of Labour will never happen with Boris and DC. THANK GOD.

  3. AttillatheHun

    I thought David Cameron seemed on top of the situation! He was well ahead of the game, turned the tables. He dodged lots of questions, but all in all, pretty good performance.

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