Cheryl Cole is a feminist’s idea of a nightmare

New X Factor judge, 23 year old singer from N-Dubz, Tulisa, showed great style as she confidently posed for pictures, after her early days on the job. I loved the cool, upswept hairdo that flattered her heartshaped face, the quirky DKNY jump suit, and the bright red sandals and slash of red lippy.

It was a breath of fresh air and a world away from the Barbie Doll look of hair extensions, mini skirts hiked to C U Next Tuesday level, neckline slashed to the navel, a lorry load of makeup, and a ciggie drooping from the lips like Fag Ash Lil. Poor Simon bravely tried to crack jokes about the sacking on BGT, because that’s what Simon does, but an interview in the Daily Mirror on the X-it of Cheryl, showed his state of mind.

Simon hit back at claims that he wielded the axe.  He feels responsible.   He insists it was group decision.  He also said he had offered to double Cheryl’s salary to return to X Factor UK, but she refused.

Simon, Simon, what has this woman done to you?  What sort of example for womenhood is Cheryl setting here when the implication is that because you were good friends, you should have got her the job whether she was any good or not?  Cheryl clearly expected special treatment, blithely ignoring that the judges’ seats on American Idol went to A List stars like Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler.  Does Cheryl honestly believe she is on a level with these stars?  I am sure she was used for publicity too, but isn’t that what a pro. would have expected?  And I notice she isn’t too fragile to have a catty pop at Sinitta.

If Cheryl wasn’t up to the US job, and if she was anything over there like she was on the X Factor over here, with the overdone outfits, the inane comments, the pouting and the Minnie Mouse on helium singing, you should have sacked her pronto.  On your own and all by yourself. No independent woman wants a job on anything but merit.   But awful performer though she is, Cheryl must be some sort of genius at making people feel guilty.  Simon has admitted he feels guilty.  He has a hunted look!  After all you have done for her, she has got you all defensive Simon!  Yes, she has……..

UPDATE: This is touching!  Ever the optimist, Simon said “Once Cheryl understands how it works, she’ll come round.”   I wouldn’t bet on it. The only thing that will make her come round is when the penny drops she can’t get a decent job without you.  If you do get her back on UK X Factor, I hope Tulisa kicks her butt……

5 responses to “Cheryl Cole is a feminist’s idea of a nightmare

  1. Tulisa is cute. cheryl needs to get over herself. I read in today’s Mirror she will get £1.2M if she stops dissing Simon and keeps details of what happened to herself. She should do that for nothing, after how he has helped her.

  2. N-Dubz are not my sort of thing, but Tulisa can certainly sing better than Cheryl. Then again, so can most people.

    • If Cheryl Cole had a tough childhood, which I know she did, and respect her for overcoming that, you should read about Tulisa’s. She lived with a mum who had schizophrenia and there is no tougher test of character than having to survive that. Tulisa is a good singer and also writes some of her own songs. I hope she does well and I will be rooting for her.

  3. AttillatheHun

    Cheryl Cole is so so dumb. She thought Simon could fix anything and it didn’t matter if she couldn’t do the job.

  4. Tulisa is really cute. And she can sing. Her record beat Lady Gaga’s!

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