Nightmare on Downing Street

It would be Nightmare on Downing Street,  Tim Montgomerie on Conservative Home has written of a more frightening scenario than psycho killer Freddy Kruger running amok.  Tim said:   “All the focus has been on Coalition squabbles of late but Rachel Sylvester uses her column in tomorrow’s Times  to suggest that there are senior aides to David Cameron and senior Tory ministers who want Liberal Democrats to stay in government even if the Conservatives win a majority at the next election.

However ticked off the Lib Dems are with their unpopularity and however fedup they get every time the Tories do something remotely sensible, instead of their own weirdy beardy crackpot policies,  we all know that they intend to hang on to the power they have now like grim death.  The Lib Dems formed in 1988, but the Liberal Party had not tasted power for over 80 years.  They have abandoned so many of their principled policies, (Trident, abolishing student tuition fees) that they are now detested by voters and their popularity has plummeted to 10%.

Rachel Sylvester wrote in the Times:  “For the Tory modernisers, the Lib Dems are the ideal weapon to ward off the enemy within. The news that some of the so-called “Tatler Tories” have been dumped from the list of prospective parliamentary candidates [ConHome yesterday] is evidence that the leadership does not think that the modernisation of the party is yet complete. The Prime Minister is pleased to have political cover for keeping the 50p top rate of tax, abandoning the “prison works” approach to crime, avoiding a return to grammar schools and retaining the ring-fence on aid — all policies that infuriate the rightwingers. “The traditionalists are just not on planet Earth,” says one Cameroon.”

Tim Montgomerie went on to say a day later:  ” I’m getting hot denials of this from good sources today. The general view is that certain Liberal Democrats would be offered baubles by a majority Conservative government including some policy commissions and quangoes. There may even be a small handful of ministerial positions for Orange Bookers. Just enough would be offered to keep the door open to future co-operation with the Liberal Democrats but there would be no second coalition.”

There has  been one marvellous bonus that has resulted from the hybrid Coalition formed after Gordon Brown’s government.  The Lib Dems have totally and utterly been revealed for what they are.  Never again will they be able to pose as the party of principle and ideals. There is a karmic purity in the way they have been the architects of their own downfall.

The Lib Dems have never been popular and have only ever received support from those who are not sure about either the Tories or Labour so kid themselves that the Lib/Dems might be a good alternative. Powerful democracy does not work at a high level where there are three political parties. The two top party system works in the United States because the left all join the Democrats and the right all join the Republicans.

A logical solution is staring us all in the face.  Let us dispense with the Lib Dems altogether.  A party representing the so called middle ground stands for nothing at all, that is now clear.   A third party just muddies the waters, and if they band with the ruling party, makes it easier for the government to weasel out of election promises.  A coalition means sellouts and endless political fixes.  Let us follow the US and have a clear choice, Left or Right, with nothing in between.

2 responses to “Nightmare on Downing Street

  1. AttillatheHun

    I’m sick of the Lib Dems. This idea of two parties sounds good to me.

  2. I can imagine that Dave does want to hang tight with the Lib Dems. Suits him down to the ground. That’s not what I voted for.

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