Our Queen dazzles on her trip to Ireland

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The style and pared down elegance of our Queen during her historic visit to Ireland is due to a designer with Irish roots.  An Irish Liverpudlian was responsible for Queen Elizabeth II’s elegant wardrobe.  The visit to Ireland was an unparalled diplomatic triumph, and supreme professionals that they are, the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh did this country proud. 

Every ensemble that the Queen wore on her State visit to Ireland was specially chosen or designed by Angela Kelly.  Ms Kelly, otherwise known as the queen’s ‘gatekeeper’, has become her majesty’s official dresser, even jetting with her around the globe for official visits to provide the right look for the occasion, and custom making pieces for the queen’s petite 5ft 3in frame.

Ms Kelly (59), a Liverpudlian of Irish descent, is also the queen’s personal assistant and longtime confidante, having worked for the royal family for nearly 20 years.  She not only helps the queen to choose her high-fashion pieces, she has also designed clothes under her Kelly & Pordum label.  Angela clearly understood the importance of the visit to the capital and if, in substance, our Queen reigned supreme, in style, she dazzled the world.

3 responses to “Our Queen dazzles on her trip to Ireland

  1. Do the people in this country realise how lucky we are? How old is the Queen, 85? but she is still working hard promoting this country’s interests. Her husband is 90, and he is still actively helping her. I love the Queen.

  2. The Queen is such a polished and experienced diplomat. This trip was beautifully orchestrated and the Queen does look beautiful.

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