At 3.10 am. on the day after the Royal Wedding apparently, Prince Harry was only getting started.  Wearing a black dinner jacket and white shirt with three buttons undone, tousled red hair spiked to kill, the royal scamp led the remaining revellers to the Goring Hotel for the second party of the night.

At Westminster Abbey, Prince Harry had cut a handsome, dignified and dashing figure in the uniform of the Household Cavalry Blues and Royals.  He has recently been promoted to Captain, and wore the uniform of that rank, thick with gold braid, to perfection.  It is well known that Prince Harry is a bit of a party animal, but it sounds like the royal hell raiser really excelled himself at his brother’s wedding.  His speech had many guests in tears, including Kate,  both of laughter but also of  genuine emotion. For Wills and Harry, this was a poignant occasion for both of them.

Details of what happened at Buckingham Palace after the big day are beginning to emerge, with claims that the Prince ‘partied like a rock star’. 
According to the News of the World, the royal reception kicked off with a live rendition of Your Song performed by Ellie Goulding, to which Will and Kate enjoyed their first dance.  Then, apparently, Harry took over.

“Buckingham Palace has never seen anything like it. It was more like a nightclub than the Queen’s house,” a source told the paper. “Harry was essentially the host of the evening. He was acting like a rock star and making sure all the girls had a cocktail in hand and all the lads were trying the Sambuca shots. He also kept calling Prince William, our future king, “dude”!

Tales that Harry was beach surfing and boogying on window ledges are tactfully dismissed as “exaggerations” by Buck House.  If you can’t have fun at your brother’s wedding, it’s a pretty poor show, but this was something special.  Harry has a bond with his brother, because of the things they have been through, that no-one else can ever share.  He was entitled to let his hair down.

6 responses to “WILD ABOUT HARRY

  1. Well conceived; well written. I fear for these boys in the wake of Bin Laden’s death. Bin Laden should have been eliminated when he was active and a known quantity under the Clinton administration. Obama is not only late to the party but has generated more destruction not less. I hope Harry and Wills have long, happy lives. No two lads deserve it more. They are the best among the royals make no mistake save the good Queen herself and, OK, I’ll give the devil his due, Prince Philip. From SamHenry – Royalist in America

    • What a great comment, thank you. In the UK, there is a lot of emotion because the Princes endured so much when their mother died. It is so meaningful to us that Prince William has found happiness at last and we wish the same for Harry.

  2. AttillatheHun

    Harry is a great guy. So what if he loves party, don’t we all?

  3. Harry is adorable. Full of fun, a rascal, but very sweet.

  4. It was tough on Wills and Harry when their mother died. That’s why the public are so happy for Wills.

  5. Harry is endearing, a bit of a rascal, but he does a lot of other things too, like great charity work. Diana would be proud of her boys.

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