Ken is like the evil imp at the wedding

Today was the happiest day the British people have had for so long!  The Royal Wedding went without a hitch, the bride looked breathtakingly beautiful and the couple were poised, relaxed and happy.   Security was perfectly handled by the Met and ran like clockwork. Our Mayor was a sight for sore eyes in morning dress, exuding good humour, with a beautiful pale grey tie.  Trust Ken to try to ruin it like the evil genie let out of a bottle!

Fears about problems with transport too proved unfounded in spite of previous dark hints from ASLEF.  The only closures today were three stops on the Metropolitan line to Watford.  But Ken had to scaremonger that there would be massive tube closures, because unless things are going wrong, Ken Livingstone is just not happy.

Conservative Home reported: “Livingstone knows full-well the planned engineering works won’t affect the Royal Wedding day, but his headline – ‘Ken calls for Mayor of rethink Royal Wedding bank holiday tube closures’ – deliberately implies that loads of the transport network will be shut today.”

Ken’s trouble stirring proved groundless and so high was the happiness and good will engendered by the wedding, nothing could have spoilt it anyway.  The wedding exceeded all expectations, proving how starved we are of happy news.  This day made up for everything.  I have said before what an asset it is for London to have a positive, optimistic Mayor like Boris, someone who invariably raises our spirits and provides solutions instead of moaning.  How many times has Boris told us it is a waste of time just sitting there complaining, the way out is to think of answers and work out how we can turn adversity to our advantage?  The way things are going, Boris should win by a landslide, because never, ever have we needed him more.

7 responses to “Ken is like the evil imp at the wedding

  1. The guy is a total downer. Major stirrer and trouble maker.

  2. Ken thrives on mischief and trouble. He naturally gravitates to insurgents and extremists, so if Londoners are unhappy and miserable, it plays into his hands.

  3. Ken has always been the same. Loves stirring things up, this happy occasion and the way it has boosted our spirits will not sit well with him.

  4. Ken is sooooo negative.

  5. AttillatheHun

    Ken thrives on mischief and plays on peoples’ fears. That is never going to make for a happy situation.

  6. I don’t think Ken should be lecturing anyone on transport. His tram that never was and nobody wanted cost the taxpayer £40 million. That man is full of empty rhetoric.

    • Andy, Ken is so negative! He thrives on mischief and the unhappiness of others. Ken’s forte is stirring things up. I did’nt know that Ken ever planned a tram, must check that out. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

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