The film that made Boris cry

GQ ran an interesting article on films that make men cry, and there were some truly astounding results, giving serious cause for concern.  What man cries in a Meg Ryan movie, geez, what a baby, but apparently men do.  Equally, who cries at Arthur?  Some men (including A A Gill, gosh!) cry at The Railway Children!moliereSome films were mentioned several times and they are films I cry at too. Schindler’s List makes Ricky Gervais and several other men cry, (and me) and lots of men named SpartacusDumbo was another popular choice (I always cry at Dumbo) and several men said they cried at It’s A Wonderful Life. (not me).

The Prince of Tides is a tear jerker, but who cries at Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye?  This is a superb version of the Raymond Chandler book, and Elliot Gould is outstanding, when he discovers his best friend thinks he is an idiot and has deceived him all along, but it doesn’t make me cry….  Justice is done in the end.   I might cry with outrage if Elliot Gould died, because that would be unfair, but he doesn’t.

Piers Morgan cries at Fever Pitch!  FEVER PITCH!  I cannot believe it!  Of all the moving films he could have picked……  he says he cries because Arsenal finally score.  I am speechless. Also, some twit cried at Lethal Weapon 2!  No man was bold enough to say he cried at Brokeback  Mountain, but I know lots of men who do, and in the cinema, lots of men were in tears.  I don’t cry at Brokeback Mountain, I sob convulsively,  drumming my feet on the carpet. Mostly temper though.  I cannot stand the ignorance that makes them suffer.

Boris says he cries at Jaws!  I quote: “”I was very sad when they blew up that poor fish. Why did they kill such a beautiful creature? It was only trying to eat people.”  Boris also said when he was running for Mayor for the first time, that his hero was the Mayor of Amity.

The most moving film I have ever seen is Moliere, my favourite film, a French film starring Romain Duris.  He loves a married woman so completely all he wants is her happiness and she loves him the same way.  He leaves her because she has children and only sees her many years later when she is dying of pleurisy.  When he says “I ask you to forgive me. Guilt and pain have tortured me from the moment I left you and I have never forgotten…..”, nobody could possibly not cry.   You can buy the DVD on amazon.

Okay, this is my most shameful confession ever.  During Dallas, I cried at the death of Bobby Ewing!  And if I ever watched it over, I know I would cry again.  Bobby is dying, and his family are all standing round his bed,  overacting and hamming it up like mad.  Suddenly the camera pans to J R Ewing, the big bad bullying older brother, who has lied, chiselled and cheated, making Bobby’s life absolute hell!   JR is impassive, then suddenly a spasm of pain twists his features, and as one tear trickles down his cheek.  He chokes out “Don’t leave me Bobby!”  OMIGOD.

5 responses to “The film that made Boris cry

  1. AttillatheHun

    I cried at Gone With the Wind.

  2. Brokeback Mountain was a good film. Emotional.

  3. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon makes me cry. Also Bambi. Piers Morgan? Off his nut!

  4. I would love to know what film REALLY made Boris cry…..

  5. Piers Morgan cries at Fever Pitch? So he really is as shallow as he appears.

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