Blair, Brown not invited to Royal Wedding

Neither Gordon Brown nor Tony Blair has been invited to the Royal Wedding.  The Palace has issued a statement saying that Lady Thatcher and Sir John Major have been invited because they were granted the Order of the Garter.  Because they are Scots, Brown and Blair would not be entitled to the Order of the Garter, but would be entitled to the Scots equivalent, the Order of the Thistle.  However neither ex-premier has been granted this honour.

When Tony Blair’s memoirs were published he committed the social solecism of discussing private conversations with the Queen.  Her Majesty was not amused.  At the time, it was made plain that he had “deeply disappointed” our Queen. With his usual show boating and egocentricity, Mr. Blair made the disgraceful error of discussing the painful series of events surrounding the death of Princess Diana.  He also unpardonably described the Queen as “haughty”. 

Through Hugo Vickers, it was made plain that Mr. Blair’s chances of being favoured with the Order of the Thistle had dropped alarmingly.   The Queen’s cousin, Lady Elizabeth Anson, said she was sure the 84-year-old monarch would be “disappointed” at Blair’s decision to breach Royal protocol by revealing personal conversations in the Queen’s home.”  That’s putting it mildly. Details of other appalling gaffes perpetrated by Mr. Blair are described here.

As for Gordon Brown, he ruined the economy of this country, not something anyone wants to be reminded of at a happy wedding party.  In addition, he is such a huge downer, he can be relied upon to cast a blight on any social occasion. 

Gordon gives the impression he hates it when anyone enjoys themselves.  He seems to think Boris Johnson is a decadent, reprobate rascal unfit to wear a kilt!  We can imagine Gordon’s train of thought.  “What is he always so bloody happy about?  People are bigots, to be avoided.  It is best to meet only those who have been through twenty screenings.”

The Order of the Garter is awarded for chivalry, a quality that is conspicuously lacking certainly in Tony Blair’s behaviour towards the monarch.  This honour was awarded to Lady Thatcher five years after she left office, in 1995, and to Sir John 8 years after he left office.   As for Gordon, the damage he has done to the UK can never be forgiven or forgotten . He is lucky to escape merely with the witholding of an honour, however emminent that honour is.

UPDATE:  Another article in the Daily Telegraph suggests that it is Prince William, rather than the Queen, who has banned Tony Blair from the Royal Wedding.  This unprecedented snub arose because apparently Prince William was deeply upset at the way Tony Blair behaved at the time of the death of the Prince’s mother.  The Daily Telegraph reports:  “William cannot stand Tony Blair, whom he blames for making political capital out of the death of his mother – “the People’s Princess”, as Blair’s spin doctors dubbed her within hours of her death.

The Prince has a long memory and a capacity for cold fury. We catch a glimpse of it in the section of Blair’s memoirs relating to the week after Diana’s death: “I had also spoken to William who was not only still grieving but angry. He knew, rationally, why the week between Diana’s death and the funeral had to be as it had been. But he felt acutely the conflict between public position and private emotion.”

According to this article, Gordon Brown and his wife are the inadvertant victims of this action, because to invite Gordon would have necessitated inviting Tony Blair.

UPDATE, 3rd May 2011:  On a SKY debate today,  historian David Starkey confirmed that Tony Blair was refused an invitation to the Royal Wedding specifically because Prince William deeply dislikes the ex-Labour premier.  Read a report of the debate here.   A twitter survey reveals that over 70% support the monarchy.

10 responses to “Blair, Brown not invited to Royal Wedding

  1. On a SKY debate today. David Starkey the historian confirmed that it was at the request of Prince William that Blair was banned from the Royal Wedding.

  2. I wouldn’t want Blair at my freakin’ wedding!

  3. Some people here write a load of rubbish!! Tony Blair scrapped the Royal Yatch??? Come on check your history mate. The decision not to invite Tony Blair was from No 10 stopping putting it on the Queen you Tories.

  4. Well not dat. I particularly care about Tony Blair but does dat arrogant wicked premier Cameron deserve to be there either people pls stop being petty about the past and face reality Cameron needs to be impeached b4 he kills the whole country by letting them all commit suicide bcos of money issues afterall we are not the only country in debt why make it so hard

  5. well seeing as Tony Bliar infamously made the Queen cry, when he callously scrapped the royal yacht – i am not suprised. quite right.

    why would they invite Brown? who famously refuses to respect traditional occasions and dresses incorrectly to show his disrespect for all things traditional/insitutional

    he cant have it both ways, wants to scrap pomp and ceremony and yet wants to attend the Royal event of the century, awww.

    these ex-politicians soon find out what people really though of them once they are out of power, and dont HAVE to be invited as normal protocol.

  6. Cherie is going to watch on television at home, LOL.

  7. Good. I’m glad they aren’t going. They don’t deserve to go.

  8. Well they are frightfully common darling 😛

  9. It would be hypocrisy to invite either of them. They don’t deserve an invitation.

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