Boris says Ed Miliband’s speech was two thirds of diddley squat

In his Daily Telegraph article this morning, Boris Johnson makes it plain that he has no respect for the speech Ed Miliband made to the TUC marchers at Hyde Park on Saturday. Ed was there to present his “alternative” and what Boris, and indeed all of us, heard was “two thirds of diddley squat.”

Boris said: “He compared himself with the suffragettes. He likened himself, emetically, to Nelson Mandela. He announced that he was “friends” with absolutely everyone there and that he supported their “March for the Alternative”, and just when I thought he was going to tell us what this might actually be – he vanished! We know that Labour now thinks it politic to accept that they made a disastrous hash of the economy, and indeed even Ed Balls was on telly the other night to say as much. We know that the Labour leadership also accepts that in order to be “credible” it has to agree that some cuts to state spending are necessary and desirable, and we know that Alistair Darling himself was planning at least 80 per cent of the savings now being proposed by the Coalition. All we need to know is how Labour would make these cuts, and in what ways Labour’s programme differs from that of the Government. And if they won’t come clean and say what they would cut, then their very presence at the march – and Miliband’s speech – is the most disgusting cheat and fraud.”

Ed comes across as a nice guy, with a pleasant line in dry humour, but when it comes down to the nitty gritty of suggesting solutions, Ed has, well, as Boris says, diddley squat.  Boris then goes on to suggest the truthful speech, that as a member of the same infant school as Boris, Primrose Hill, Ed ought to have made.

Boris suggests that Ed should have said: “Friends, I want you to know that I am generally opposed to cutting too far and too fast, and that is why Ed Balls and I think we could perhaps get away with significantly smaller cuts than those envisaged by the Government!” And the crowd roars its approval. “No cuts! No cuts!” they chant. At this, the honest version of Ed Miliband raises his hand in caution. “I didn’t say no cuts, friends. We think we could maintain market confidence and go ahead with only 80 per cent of the cuts. Think of that. We – the party of Nelson Mandela, the suffragettes and the Tolpuddle martyrs – we would only institute four fifths of the evil Tory cuts!” By this stage his message is sinking in. Frowns of concentration are appearing.”

Read the rivetting details of the speech Ed Miliband should have made as written by Boris, right here.  Ed Miliband and Ed Balls, you are full of it.  I am appalled that when you viewed the main body of serious, decent people who comprised that march, you did not both burst into tears with shame at the pain and havoc you have wreaked. That would have been a sincere reaction.

UPDATE: Today, in the House of Commons, (Monday) Home Secretary Theresa May backed up Boris Johnson when he was criticised by Labour for the above article.

8 responses to “Boris says Ed Miliband’s speech was two thirds of diddley squat

  1. Darn right. Boris sure has a way with words, haha. “Diddley Squat” is right.

  2. Labour are playing the situation to their advantage, but if there was an election, I doubt very much much whether that lead they have in the polls would translate into a victory.

  3. Twitter going mad with Labour activists cursing Boris’s name and swearing blue murder. He has told the truth and they dont’t like it. To all the Labour tweeters that are saying Boris should be sued for libel, that doesn’t seem to be happening. I wonder why.

  4. Jessica, precisely. Why do the Labour activists think that Boris hasn’t been sued? What would be the obvious reason?

  5. There are certain things that we all know are true but nobody dares say anything. Boris does dare.

  6. Lots of people went mad about this article. Now we hear that Boris is appearing on Question Time this week. Harriet Harman was meant to be on the panel, but now Harriet has pulled out.

  7. Sure Hattie pulled out. No way was she going to face Boris after the things she has been saying behind his back.


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