Reports of massive UFO activity prior to Japan disaster

The website, The Truth Behind The Scenes is publishing pictures of supposed alien activity before world disasters, including the one in Japan.  Apparently, and there are loads of clips on Youtube, there was massive UFO activity just prior to the earthquake in Japan.

 It would be stupid unquestioningly to believe that aliens were trying to warn us of impending disaster, as the above website and Youtube indicate.  However, it would be equally stupid to dismiss anything out out hand.  We just don’t know.

In one of his Daily Telegraph articles, Boris once said ” I am not so brave as to claim that UFOs do not exist. The Astronomer Royal, Sir Martin Rees, has said he believes in life forms on other planets, and no decent empiricist could rule out the possibility.”  This is the intelligent view.

6 responses to “Reports of massive UFO activity prior to Japan disaster

  1. Frightening really,, but I always think we must be conceited to think we are alone !

  2. Annie, I was so happy when Boris wrote the article that he would not deny existence of aliens. It is madness to do that because there is so much we don’t know. It’s possible they are there, and are trying to warn us……

  3. I dunno angel… one white fleck on the screen?

  4. Antony, you will look pretty stupid when sicence confirms that aliens are living among us…..

  5. Don’t think Boris thought much of this blog, hahaha. At the People’s Question Time, he referred sarcastically to people who believe in Martians. Boris, when we finally know that aliens have been living amongst us for centuries, you will be the person we all rush to save first.

  6. angel, do you really believe this, ROFL?

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