Boris points out both Gaddafi and Brown use Grecian 2000

With his sublime sense of fun, Boris points out in his Daily Telegraph article today that there are certain similarities between Col. Gaddafi and Gordon Brown, not least that they were both slaves to the dye pots by using Grecian 2000.   Boris says: “….they both favour long and rambling speeches on socialist economic and political theory, with Col Gaddafi’s efforts perhaps having a slight edge in logic and coherence. And even if most fair-minded people would say that they were very different political personalities, there is one essential point in common between Tripoli in 2011 and the dying months of the last Labour government.”

Boris goes on:  “When a regime has been in power too long, when it has fatally exhausted the patience of the people, and when oblivion finally beckons – I am afraid that across the world you can rely on the leaders of that regime to act solely in the interests of self-preservation, and not in the interests of the electorate.

That is why Labour continued to spend and borrow and bribe right up to the wire, desperately hoping to hang on, and racking up such huge debts that Treasury Minister Liam Byrne left a note to his successor gloating that there was “no more money left”. And that was why in February last year the doomed Gordon Brown performed his breath-takingly cynical U-turn, announcing after a lifetime’s opposition that he was a convert to the Alternative Vote system for parliamentary elections. Why did he do it?”

To discover the answer, read the rest of Boris’s brilliant article, here.  Another similarity between Col Gaddaffi and Gordon is that they are both what I call “moody babies”.  Which of them has the bigger scowl?

4 responses to “Boris points out both Gaddafi and Brown use Grecian 2000

  1. AV would be a huge disaster. I agree with Susie, the Aussies don’t want it anymore, they think it’s an expensive disaster.

  2. I hope we don’t get stuck with s…….. AV! The people pushing it always say they have AV in Australia. The Aussies want out!

  3. You are right Annie, and as ever, so so funny. So they both use Grecian 2000 ROFL ….

  4. Fantastic blog, Boris sooooo right as always !

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