A vote for AV means we will never get rid of Nick Clegg

Hopefully, the nation is aware that by voting for AV, we will be stuck with Nick Clegg for ever and ever.  The two faced, double dealing, posing little promise breaker will be part of the political scene for good.  He will soon drop his sad, self-pitying, puppy dog look once he is ensconced indefinitely as Deputy Prime Minister, and the pious, pontificating lectures will start afresh.

The Lib Dems have been revealed as the opportunists they are, from the City hating, self-important, indiscreet  Vince Cable, who looks like a refugee from a Transylvanian circus to smug, self-satisfied Paddy Ashdown, who assures us that AV means more power to the people.  What it really means is an endless series of political fixes.

The Lib Dems came last in the general election, and their policies were totally rejected by the UK.  Their popularity has sunk to an all time low of 10%.  But because of the coalition, they are in a position to force their hated views down our throats.  This is not fair and it is not democracy.  What was acceptable as a temporary measure would be grossly unfair if we had to endure it all the time.

The AV referendum will cost £250M but was demanded by the LibDems as part of their price for joining the coalition. The Daily Telegraph reported today that Lord Ashdown has said that Tory peers have betrayed the coalition.  They are insisting on a 40% minimum vote.  If that is not achieved, the matter will go to the Lords for a final vote.  There will be no sympathy for the LibDems, least of all from the students.

UPDATE: The Lords did not pass the 40% minimum vote.  Our voting system could be disrupted forever and the AV system could be forced on the country by as small a majority as 15%, if hardly anyone votes.  Oh God!  What will become of us then?

13 responses to “A vote for AV means we will never get rid of Nick Clegg

  1. It is imperative that the AV vote goes through, we do not need another Tory government, we have to think of our children and vote YES on AV.

    • AV isn’t going to go through. We need a Tory government desperately. Are you honestly saying you want Labour back after how they ruiined the economy?

  2. Hahahahahaha

  3. I will not vote for av because in the guise of consensus minority pressure groups gain a disproportionate weight.

  4. It’s true – a vote for AV is a vote for Clegg to remain as DPM for all eternity.

  5. Stuck with Clegg indefinitely, what a nightmare! I am voting NO to AV, the situation is complicated enough, AV just muddles it further.

  6. Nick Clegg on ~TV trying to tell us that AV means power to the people. Who is he kidding? He just wants it because he thinks it will benefit the Lib Dems.

  7. We don’t want an endless series of Hung Parliaments and political fixes, we want a clear choice. There will be no clear choice if this goes through, everything will blur into one.

  8. Cleggie isn’t in a very good bargaining position anymore. His reputation is shot to hell. There are some things in politics that are unforgiveable. What he did to the students is one of them.

  9. They are trying to insist on a 40% vote. If they don’t get that, MPs will decide. Cleggie is fuming naturally.

  10. Goodness, we need to get on this ASAP. The Lib Dems forever….. that is a nightmare thought.

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