Gay people can finally marry

It is terrific news and a credit to the coalition government that gay people are finally to be granted the right to marry.  Gay marriage carries considerable symbolic significance.  Civil partnerships were made legal in 2004, but they are considered by gay people to be a second class option.  Gay couples will soon be given the right to marry in register offices and other civil settings.

Designer Marc Jacobs and his partner, Lorenzo Martone

Religious faiths will now be able to decide whether they will hold gay weddings and the Quakers who recognised gay marriage in 2009, are expected to be the first mainstream faith to marry gay people.

It is appalling and wrong that gay people are not accorded the same rights regarding marriage as straight people. This is a big step forward for gay rights and religious freedom. The argument that gay sex is forbidden in the Bible is disproved because there are so many other things that are also forbidden that we recognise as ludicrous today.  Jesus said love everyone.  He did not say “except gay people.”  Maybe soon the day will come when kids can realise they are gay and it is accepted in such a down to earth way that their celebrity parents see no reason to announce it on twitter.

6 responses to “Gay people can finally marry

  1. Oh and by the way, a lingering kiss on Boris’s lips for Valentine’s Day. Ahhhh!

  2. I’m in favour of churches having to marry people by law. There is no reason why not. We need to move with the times, and if any priests have a problem with it, they should reconsider whether they are fitted to be priests.

  3. The Lib Dems have finally done something they can be proud of.

  4. Anne, it is only fair. I am so shocked at the horrible way gay people are still treated in this day and age! I am no fan of the coalition, but this is a great thing for them to have done, credit where credit is due. A really good thing to do. I think gay people should be allowed to get married in church, why on earth not?

    its taken a long to happen!

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