On the EU, Nick Clegg needs to be put in his place

This is what we have longed and wished and prayed for with every fibre of our being!  A British Bill of Rights that will finally give the finger to the EU Court of Human Rights and reassert our British sovereignity.  Senior Tory MPs are pushing David Cameron with all their might to stick to his promise and defy the demand from the EU Court for convicts to be given the right to access at the ballot box.

At the forefront of course, is Boris Johnson, who said “I think we have come to a real crunch point here.  There is absolutely no way that we can allow Parliament to be overruled in this matter.  This is a political question.  It is not a matter for Strasbourg, it is a matter for the sovereign Parliament of this country and I think that there is a real real issue now.  I hope very much that the Prime Minister sticks to his guns, forces a showdown and actually obtains a new constitutional settlement that allows us in this country to assert our prerogatives.” Charles Moore said in today’s Telegraph that if this goes on, we will all end up as prisoners of Strasbourg.

If David Cameron does this, he will of course be on a collision course with Nick Clegg who called for a compromise with the Strasbourg court over prisoners’ votes.  We don’t want a compromise, Nick!  The ideas of your party on this issue were voted down by the electorate, who firmly kicked you into third place.  You hardly got any seats and are only in a position of influence through a fluke, nothing to do with your own merits. By what right therefore, do you seek to impose your despised views on the British people?

Nick Clegg needs to realise that he has no moral  right to impose his deeply unpopular views on the people of Britain.  He needs to be put in his place.

6 responses to “On the EU, Nick Clegg needs to be put in his place

  1. on the naught step with a conical hat would seem to be the best place

  2. Nick Clegg is getting away with too much! He is only there because Cameron needed the backup, nobody wanted Cleggor his policies. He came last! Can’t he take that on board and stop shoving his daft ideas onto the country.

  3. This is very imnportant issue , hope they dont ruin it!

    Boris for PM to SORT IT

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  5. Boris is dead right about this, and this is our chance. If David Cameron fluffs this, he will have betrayed Britain bigtime.

  6. I’ll say! Nick Clegg poses around as though he is Prime Minister, but he came third! By what right does he shove his appalling views down British throats, NO WAY!

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