Boris blows his top with tube bosses

Impeturbable Boris Johnson lost it with tube bosses, and raged down the phone after there was rush hour chaos on the Jubilee line today.  A train broke down and caused chaos for hundreds of thousands of passsengers, after Boris had recently driven a Jubilee line train claimed that progress was being made with the tube upgrade.  A ballistic Boris demanded a report on his desk from Peter Hendy by the end of the day.

The London Standard reported:  “A train broke down just after 7.30am, blocking the line at North Greenwich and preventing trains turning round at Stratford.  Services were suspended between Canary Wharf and Stratford throughout the morning peak.

The chaos was caused by a new signalling system that is being installed – 15 months behind schedule. Trains are having problems “talking” to the signals. When this happens, the entire system needs to be rebooted. Trains did not start running until 9.33am, and then only with delays.  The new signalling has been in use on four fifths of the line, between Stratford and Dollis Hill.”

Sources told the Standard that Mr Johnson – whose City Hall office is fitted with a status board so he can monitor the Tube – “snapped and shouted at senior TfL figures down the phone”.

5 responses to “Boris blows his top with tube bosses

  1. People were going mad about the Jubilee line, Boris has to do something about this. Kick some ass.

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  3. It would try the patience of a saint, because the upgrades are vital and nobody wants mayhem when he is trying to get it all sorted.

  4. It’s great when Boris loses it. Big impression, because he is so placid normally.

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