What kind of fool?

If only because they sounded like the Chipmunks long before Alvin and his chums squeaked their way onto our screens, the Bee Gees deserve the massive sales and adulation they have achieved throughout their long career.

Their success appeared to be over, but then they resurrected themselves by working with Barbara Streisand. When I first heard the Bee Gees, I kept adjusting the sound, until I realised that that wobbly vibrato was how they wanted to sound.  They are so adorable, when they warble all together like Alvin and the Chipmunks!    This song is one of their best. This blog isn’t very political.  But we all have our weaknesses.

4 responses to “What kind of fool?

  1. i like it WHAT KIND OF FOOL? | CYBERBORISjohnson at this time im your rss reader

  2. So now we know! The Chipmunks are really the Bee Gees!

  3. Gorgeous! Forgot this song, thanks for remind me how lovely it is.

  4. Terrific song! They do sound like the Chipmunks, never noticed that before. Streisand at her best.

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