Three great book recommendations

EXILED by Shireen Jilla.  Recommended by Boris Johnson, who said “Pacy, punchy, with a climax that slaps you in the face.  A twentieth century “Rosemary’s Baby”.  (I love “Rosemary’s Baby,” both the book and the Roman Polanski film.)

Exiled is a dark, dysfunctional family psychodrama, played out against the backdrop of privileged society in New York City’s Upper East Side.

In love with her husband Jessie, an ambitious British diplomat, whose first posting brings them to New York, Anna begins the hectic, enjoyable life of a successful expat. But New York also brings her into contact with her husband’s manipulative and competitive stepmother Nancy, a powerful American socialite and philanthropist.

When a silly incident with her only son Josh involves the Police Department, Anna’s seemingly perfect world begins to shatter. As Jessie’s journey to rediscover his New York roots draws him closer to Nancy, terrible and strange things keep happening to Anna. She begins to fear that someone is out to destroy her family.

THE DOUBLE by Dosteovsky. A terrifying novella which describes the hell of having your life taken over by your own double.  Darren Aronovsky was greatly influenced by this book when he wrote the script for Black Swan.

“Mr. Golyadkin is an ordinary man and a government official.  One day he meets his double – can you imagine the nightmare when your friends and colleagues seem to be cooling towards you, while your double is growing in popularity?”


Talented Sunny Singh won the Mar de Letras Prize for this book, which is available through Amazon Books.  I haven’t read it yet, but had to include it because Sunny blogs on the tory totty-Daily and I was so excited to order one of her novels.  I will review it shortly.

3 responses to “Three great book recommendations

  1. maybe he should add a copy of:

    How to Make Friends and Influence people there are some I can think of that would benefit from a read #justsaying BTW

  2. Hahaha I know what you mean. Seriously, these three books are worth a look. I loved the script of Black Swan, interesting to know it is based on Dostoevsky.

  3. I loved the film Black Swan, must have a look at the Dostoevsky. Great plot, very scary.

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