How Stanley Johnson scaled Mount Kilimanjaro

Stanley Johnson, who became the Chairman of the Gorilla Organisation, carries out many stunts for charity and in 2010, decided to scale Mount Kilimanjaro!  An unbelievable 70 years of age, Stanley has the good looks of ex-President Ronald Reagan, (with three times the intellect obviously), and he is has the vigour and enthusiasm of a man half that age.  Although he said he didn’t expect it to be a cake walk, Stanley strolled to the top with no trouble.  This was in contrast to Martina Navratilova, who had to be airlifted off the mountain on Dec 10, 2010, abandoning her charity climb.

Shades of Boris Johnson!  When Boris was about to play Andy Murray in a charity doubles match, the interviewer asked Boris, have you done any special training?

Boris replied: Well I’ve just had a three course lunch with vino with two of the courses.

Stanley  is now reported to be planning an expedition in search of giant pandas!

4 responses to “How Stanley Johnson scaled Mount Kilimanjaro

  1. All I can say is good luck! fantastic!!!

  2. Amazing at the age of 70 to have the adventurous spirit to attempt this and he will do it too!

  3. I love Stanley Johnson, he is so witty and amusing. Climbing Kilimanjaro is an amazing thing to do.

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