ITV loses it, as male presenter appears starkers

Our Mayor quipped that his trip to Switzerland was dubbed “Daisie does Davos”.  On ITV, it was “Dozy does Daybreak” as two male presenters appeared in the nude.  Gino D’Acampo gave viewers an eyeful of rare rump, as he got busy in the kitchen.  We were all praying his apron said “Kiss The Cook”!

I’ve just been informed it wasn’t “Daybreak”, it was “This Morning”.  Oh that’s alright then.  The audience was left wondering whether the producers had finally lost their marbles.  Was this a last desperate throw of the dice to raise ratings, by making it impossible to sink any lower?

The show has never been burdened by over-intellectual presenters. When Gino whipped off his pinny, Holly ~Willoughby looked like she was going to pass out.

Eamon Holmes’ wife Ruth was looking round desperately for her chunky hubby.  Not only was her prince not coming, he was safely esconced at SKY TV with the rest of the chauvinists.  I don’t know whose bits she was perusing through a pair of king sized spectacles and frankly I hope I never find out!  It could have been the same chap, but I was too worried by then about the legal implications.

Is this ITV’s answer to the SKY sexism row?  Did they feel left out or something?  Handing Gino a knitted tube was an insult to knitters everywhere.  If you want to relive the whole sordid scenario, it is on You Tube here.

* Only kidding Holly, you are great.

5 responses to “ITV loses it, as male presenter appears starkers

  1. flat butts, disappointing

  2. This makes the male presenters who stripped on This Morning look like … well, dicks! What a stupid thing to do.

  3. What was Gino cooking, meat and two veg?

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