Super salesman Boris flies to Davos to promote London

Boris Johnson is flying to Davos today to address the World Economic Forum to “put the shine” on the disappointing economic figures released by the government yesterday.  No-one is a better ambassador for London than our Mayor and he also intends to “”harness the unique sponsorship opportunities London has to offer to both UK and international businesses.”

The Mayor said:”Over the next few years London will be in the world’s spotlight with billions watching our every move. The Royal Wedding, the 2012 Games, the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations and a range of other global reaching events in the capital will reinforce the city’s presence on the international stage like no other world city has ever done before. I will be telling the world’s business leaders in Davos that now is the time both to benefit from these huge opportunities that are arising and, at the same time, give something back to the capital.”

Boris was in Davos two years ago and he succeeded in raising funding of £19M for the Arcelormittal Orbit.  Boris has the most useful ability to charm sponsorship for worthwhile causes from those who can afford it, and this ability will probably be in evidence when he meets key business leaders at the World Economic Forum.

The London Daily News reported: “As well as discussing potential sponsorship agreements he (Boris)  will meet a range of international investors to highlight the range of investment opportunities arising in London and particularly out east in the Olympic Park, a unique location for 21st century businesses providing quick access to the capital’s global financial sector, centres of innovation, its creative industries and government.

Other events he will take part in include a roundtable discussion with digital technology leaders hosted by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, as well as meeting representatives from key renewable energy firms and some of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, with the aim of encouraging investment in London.

He will also attend the annual UK Reception with around 250 leading UK CEOs and public figures, hosted by HRH The Duke of York and will speak at a private dinner for top clients of financial giants Nomura. ”

Boris’s schedule is so eggheady and super geeky I feel quite faint just reading about it, so what he feels like actually handling it is anybody’s guess.  Probably breezes right through it though.

UPDATE:  Great You Tube here of Boris speaking to us from Davos.

3 responses to “Super salesman Boris flies to Davos to promote London

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  2. Boris really gets around, doesn’t he? I bet he gets a load of sponsorship for various things as well, he is really good at that. It does sound a difficult schedule, though, hahahahaha “round table discussions on digital technology”… etc.

  3. Boris is sure to do a helluva job for the UK and London at Davos. He is a very persuasive speaker and has a deep understanding of the economy.

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