Alastair Campbell preferable to Ken to run for Mayor?

Well known journalist Iain Dale has a radio show on LBC, and last night, one of his guests was Alastair Campbell.  Iain Dale rather cheekily suggested that Alastair Campbell should run for Mayor against Boris, and this morning, there have been a lot of tweets, saying that there is support for Alastair to run!  Clearly, Labour voters are desperate for a credible candidate, because Ken’s poor showing in the Mayoral contest so far seems about to end in a god almighty thrashing for Red Ken!

It it not just that Ken seems tired, jaded, jealous and desperately short of ideas, and this is reflected in the lack of conviction and energy from his supporters on Twitter, who are only too easy to shoot down.  Even the most passionate Ken supporter must quail at the thought that Ken is working for Press TV, whose anti-female, homophobic, Holocaust denying views must outrage any decent person.  Ken has refused to give up the job, and in the face of horrified disapproval from The Times, a Nobel Prize winner, and many Labour journalists,  he still stubbornly refuses to quit.  The Times said that either Ed Miliband should make Ken resign, or he should refuse to campaign for Ken as Mayor.  This  says everything about Ken’s judgment and his fitness to be Mayor.

Alastair Campbell must be one of the most unpopular, discredited figures from the last Labour regime, but the fact that for many, he is preferable to Ken says everything about how Ken is coming across.  Of course it is hard being pitted against a hugely popular, talented, charismatic political figure like Boris, and everyone understands that, but Ken has also been master of his own undoing.  He is lagging behind so badly, it is starting to look embarrassing.

8 responses to “Alastair Campbell preferable to Ken to run for Mayor?

  1. I realise that as someone supporting Labour, you do not need to have someone like me commenting here.
    However I have always enjoyed your blog, and have been grateful for you allowing me to comment in the past.
    Would you please explain to me what happened to my last comment here?

    • Hi doctor drink, I haven’t seen your link before. My posts throughout have made it clear that Ken is employed by Iranian dictators. I have given the evidence in my post here

      that one of the founders of Press TV is homophobic, against the equality of women and denies the Holocaust. It is a huge error of judgment that Ken, who is running to be the next Mayor, accepts such a man as his employer.

      I am not alone in my opinion. The Times wrote a leader censuring Ken and advising Ed Miliband to tell Ken to quit. If he refused to do so, the Times said to Ed he should scrupulously avoid campaigning for Ken, as should any leading Labour member. A Nobel prize winner also censured Ken for not quitting.

      If you cannot understand how unsuitable it is for Ken Livingstone to consort with such people, there is nothing I can say. The Mayor of London is supposed to be Mayor of all Londoners. Boris Johnson IS Mayor of all Londoners, but Ken has alienated Londoners through his stubborn refusal to quit the employ of Press TV. Even his supporters, Adam Bienkov and Dave Hill, the Guardian journalist have come out and said he is wrong. Please read al the posts I have written on this subject. I do hope your understanding is now a little clearer.

    • For future reference, no links or comments from Peter Reynolds are allowed on this website. If you speak to him, I am sure he will explain why, but I have no more to say on the matter.

  2. Neither of them match up to Boris.

    Boris has done some amazing things for London. The Bexley Borough (with the help of erith and thamesmead conservatives) was improved so much when Boris got in!

    What did ken do in his time as mayor?
    HE BUILT A GREAT BIG GLASS GHERKIN and that was about it!
    As for AC well ummmm…..
    Do we really have to have any other people running for mayor? lol

    • Thanks Janina! We both appreciate what a terrific politician boris johnson is. On the political scene, he is a bright ray of hope, someone of huge intelligence, with great communication skills whom we can believe it. When people say to me, oh you hero worship Boris, I say, that’s right, I do! Except hero worship is too weak a phrase for such a talented, inspirational figure.


  4. Ken has shot himself in the foot with this Press TV thing, and his campaign has been pathetic as well, what has he come up with?

    He just isn’t in it and is being effortlessly outshone by Boris. Boris bloggers and tweeters are so much better than Ken’s supporters, they are passionate and intelligent, Ken’s are just robots.

  5. Ken’s popularity must have sunk to an all time low if people are preferring Alastair Campbell to him! My God Alastair Campbell as Mayor, can you imagine?

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