Boris Johnson is shocked at the price of petrol

The cost of petrol in the UK is more than in Russia, the US and Europe, and in his Daily Telegraph article today, Boris explains it is all down to the fact that the Treasury takes 60% of the fuel bill in excise.  Thanks, Gordon Brown!

the famous Lucas oil gusher in 1901

Boris was asked about the cost of petrol at a petrol filling station, and wishes he had said the following:  “ I would have blamed the Labour government for its useless policies and the mess it left behind. I would have blamed Blair for bamboozling the public into a war about cheap oil that ended up delivering all sorts of disasters but no cheap oil – or at least none available to British motorists. I would have blamed Brown and Balls for racking up the vast deficit that makes cutting taxes so difficult. And I would have tried to give her some sort of sign that the Coalition recognises this escalation cannot go on forever.

It’s not just that it’s inflationary. If Britain’s businesses cannot afford to run their vans, then they will stop hiring, they will stop expanding, and tax yields will go down. It is not just for environmental reasons but for cost reasons that I am starting physically to ache for the age of the electric car. In theory, it should all be kicking off this year. Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Smart are offering electric models this month; next month it is Citroën; in March, Nissan and Tata come to market, and in April we in London are launching our Source London network of charging points.”

The real solution though, says Boris, would be a fuel duty stabiliser.    Read the rest of Boris’s amusing article on the link above.

5 responses to “Boris Johnson is shocked at the price of petrol

  1. Boris seems to have kick started this issue, there is a campaign in the Sun and MPs are being lobbied for the fuel stabiliser thing to be brought in.

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  3. Are Boris Johnson and Alan Johnson related then?

  4. It’s good that Boris thinks of these things, he always has a great idea up his sleeve to solve our problems.

  5. Before this horrendous Vichy Government took power there was indeed a plan
    for a fuel duty stabiliser

    Must have got lost in Dave’s desire to make the Vichy Government more LibDem

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