Boris maintains a healthy lead in the betting for next Mayor

Boris Johnson is maintaining and has even slightly extended the healthy lead  over Ken Livingstone that he has had since the Mayoral contest began.  So far, Ken has run an extremely lacklustre campaign.  His refusal to quit his job working for Iranian dictators at Press TV, in the face of censure from The Times and Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi, can hardly have helped his chances.

In  response to a flood of brilliant, inspirational ideas from Boris, who also regularly addresses the City, encouraging them to boost the London economy, Ken has come up with….. well, really, nothing so far. In addition, it is hard not to draw the conclusion that his association with homophobic, chauvinistic, Holocaust denying Iranian dictators isn’t helping his campaign and his stubborn refusal to give up this job isn’t the smartest move he has ever made.

However, there is still a long way to go, and Boris is far too intelligent to take anything for granted.  Ed Miliband could intervene in some way.  Additionally, the LibDems still have time to get someone to run and how that would work out, you never know.  It is just that I personally cannot imagine that anyone would possibly succeed in beating Boris.  Boris is also numero uno in the betting to be the next Tory Party leader, well ahead of his nearest rival, William Hague.

4 responses to “Boris maintains a healthy lead in the betting for next Mayor

  1. Ken has been disappointing, and I am just waiting for the dirty tricks, because what has he got?

  2. I am surprised myself at how poorly Ken has performed so far in the Mayoral contest. I thought he would have more fire and attack, really go for it. He was upset enough when he lost the job after all.

    I used to like Ken, but he is running on empty.

  3. Boris will win. Ken is yesterday’s news, Boris is hugely popular and intelligent, he will win.

  4. I find it hard to see anyone beating Boris either. The LibDems have come up with zilch, they are all scared to take him on. Ken looks old and tired. Boris is unbeatable.

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