Helena Bonham Carter outshines them all at Golden Globes

Helena Bonham Carter effortlessly outshone every women there at the Golden Globes.  She was everything they were not:  kooky, original, sexy, intelligent and fun.  From her high piled birds nest hair festooned with net, to her one year old Vivienne Westwood dress, that suited her divinely, right down to her mismatched shoes – one green, one orange – she radiated uniqueness.

Sometimes I see her in my local supermarket, lily pale, hair piled up every which way, wearing khaki fatigues and dark glasses, every inch a star.  I long to say how much I love her interpretation of the Red Queen in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, but the privacy of such a beautiful, rare and exotic flower should be respected.

5 responses to “Helena Bonham Carter outshines them all at Golden Globes

  1. I like Helena Bonham Carter, very quirky. She does always look very different and individual, but a lot of people hate that and think her style is a disaster.

  2. Oh, she is a lovely woman.

  3. Is this what passes for fashion these days? Because I don’t get it!

  4. Helena is a damn good actress, who is not afraid to take on a range of edgy parts.

  5. Love Helena Bonham Carter. Loved her in “Alice” Loved her in the Johnny Depp flick, “Sweeney Todd.”

    Kate Winslett is going to star in a remake of “Mildred Pierce ” but I think she is all wrong for the part. I think Helena would be much better.

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