Bob Crow would love to upstage the Royal Wedding

ASLEF is now threatening to hold a tube strike on 29th April, the day of the Royal Wedding. Steve Grant of ASLEF said: “We have already warned of further strike action on the Bank Holiday and one of those options is 29th April.” You can bet, Bob Crow of the RMT is right behind them.  The idea of upstaging the Royal couple is right up Bob’s alley, because it would ensure that all eyes would be where he believes they should be, on him, not on Wills and Kate Probably it will never happen.  But for Bob, just the threat of a strike is feeding his personality disorder, because once again, he is in the headlines as Big Bad Bob.

Psychologist Dr. F. Radwan had this to say about Bob ‘s type of behaviour.  “Arrogant & overconfident people may seek attention because they have the feeling that they deserve to be in the center of attention. Because they aren’t mature enough,  they still think with their inner child’s mentality which makes them believe that they are the center of their world. Usually the child thinks that he is the center of the universe around which all other objects revolve.   If the child’s way of thinking doesn’t mature he will grow up thinking that he is the center of the world and so he will be an attention seeking adult.

Narcissists are also attention seekers: they consider this attention a good source of narcissistic supply and so they strive to get it, by more and more outrageous demands.”

How to deal with a Narcissist.

  • Avoid arguments. Forget trying to win an argument with a narcissist.  Walk away.   Boris has done this by refusing to meet with Bob until he agrees to behave reasonably.
  • Set boundaries. It’s important to decide the amount of approval to give a narcissist. This also applies to setting boundaries on how long to listen to them talk about themselves. For example, if a narcissist goes beyond so many minutes of self-adulation, change the subject or leave the conversation. (Everyone at City Hall. and indeed the entire country,  just switches off when Bob is going into one.)
  • End the relationship. When involved in a relationship with a narcissist, it’s important to know when to leave. It’s vital to take care of yourself, and realize the narcissistic has a personality disorder and what he says should not be taken seriously.  (City Hall negotiators will engage with Bob whenever he has a valid point up for discussion. He has a tendency to produce ridiculous reasons for strikes though, which is the signal for them to disengage.)
  •  From the above, we can see how very astute our Mayor has been in his dealings with Bob Crow.  Boris could have written the psychological manual!  Although there are many of us who think that locking Bob in a dark closet and throwing away the key is the quickest way of sorting him out, our psychologically astute Mayor might recommend Bob as a suitable case for treatment.  Boris spoke about the potential strike on 29th April: the video is here. A literary example of a narcissist is the psycho killer in the thriller by Patricia Highsmith,  The Talented Mr. Ripley.  Let’s hope things never go that far.

6 responses to “Bob Crow would love to upstage the Royal Wedding

  1. Ken and Ed miliband need to condemn these stupid strikes and especially the violence in strikes.

  2. Bob Crow WOULD like to upstate the Royal Wedding! I bet he’d even climb into the wedding dress if it mean the would be in the spotlight.

  3. Bob Crow is some kind of nut. ASLEF must be deliberately trying to ruin the day. They want double pay or something. Disgusting.

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  5. Haha Neil! Mmmm – other narcissists, interesting. Definitely Saddam and OJ. Tony Blair definitely. Loved himself madly.

  6. good post Angie H/T

    other Narcissists include Saddam Hussein, Barack Obama and OJ Simpson.

    worthy company for this odious cretin

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