Bill Hicks – we need you now

The man in black was the most profound and ingenious comedian that the world has ever seen. Hicks was a vicious satirist who attacked his audience for being tied down by senseless consumerism and pointless rules. He wanted to break free of the strains of financial conditioning and evolve into a a society based on love and compassion.

 Born in 1961, he believed illegal drugs were to be fully experienced in order to gain a greater understanding for your mind and the endless possibilities around you. Music was supposed to be about your heart and not about your bank account. Religion was corporate and corporations were keeping society from reaching maximum potential.  He performed one of the most brilliant standup routines ever seen. Hicks challenged his audience through relentless white hate and ended up collapsing under the weight of the world’s ignorance and stupidity. He performed his first gig at the age of 13,  ridiculed anyone who banned smoking, then died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 32.  He was trying to save us from ourselves… when he died, I cried for two days.  Bill, we need you now.

8 responses to “Bill Hicks – we need you now

  1. Bill hicks was a brilliant comedian.
    I didn’t know you knew about him angie?
    Nice post i’ll tweet it for you 🙂

    Hope you had a good xmas sorry didn’t get in touch around then had been in hospital .

    So merry xmas and happy new year 🙂

  2. Janina! I am so sorry you were in hospital, are you totally better now? Bill Hicks was a brilliant, brilliant standup, one of my favourites.

    Hope you got rid of your other problem, take care, happy New Year!

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  4. He’s the man.

  5. Yeah I’m getting better now, had a small heart attack but on tablets and stuff now so getting there.

    My partner has all his cds and dvds hes really good (a bit rude) but really good.

  6. Janina, I am so sorry! How very frightening, I am so glad you are better.

    Bill Hicks is very in your face, but brilliant.

  7. Bill was the man. And I wept when he died too.

  8. Bill Hicks is very hard to take at times, but we need comedians like him. His death was just so sad.

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