Ken hopes you will never connect these facts

Whilst Londoners Struggled To Do Their Christmas Shopping And Go About Their Daily Business, One Politician – Labour’s Val Shawcross Had Plans For A Different Present For Londoners …..


  1. On 7 December Ken Livingstone selected Val Shawcross as his “Deputy Mayoral Running Mate” against Boris Johnson.
  2. Just eight days later on 15 December Val Shawcross was “caught on camera” picketing with Tube Unions the RMT and TSSA in support of the wave of tube strikes that have caused so much misery to Londoners.
  3. Until just days ago, Ken Livingstone ran his campaign to be the Labour candidate for Mayor of London from the HQ of the Tube Union TSSA.

It’s now clear just what and why Ken and his handpicked choice for Deputy Mayor, and his Union funders, have in store as a present for all Londoners next year.

  • They are setting up a series of rolling three-day strikes in an attempt to bring London to a standstill.
  • If this causes you severe disruption and costs London businesses millions of pounds – then they simply don’t care! It is all a part of Ken Livingstone’s election plan.
  • What they really want to do is to try to undermine Boris and give Ken Livingstone every opportunity to get elected as Mayor in 2012.

Next Year, Every Time We Suffer At The Hands Of The Unions – Let’s Remember Who Is Really Behind The Misery We As Londoners Are Having Inflicted Upon Us. And why.

Prepared by the BackBoris 2012 campaign
Update:  On her website, Val Shawcross wrote a blog telling Boris to “get a grip ” over the strikes.  absolute hypocrisy.

18 responses to “Ken hopes you will never connect these facts


  2. Ken sucks! Who is gonna vote for him, and can’t Labour find anyone better than that?

  3. Ken supporters lie all the time and they give mouthy abuse as well. Boris is so far above them.


    Here you are Shelly. Word for word, blatant lies from Ken supporter and this is not the first person to try to peddle this codswallop.

  5. Shelly, I said Val was undermining London by supporting the strikes, not Labour, and she is.

    The Back Boris team are making the point that it is hypocritical to on the one hand picket with the strikers, and on the other hand, tell the Mayor to “get a grip” when it is Val who is stirring things up.

    Regarding Ken’s office, the Back Boris team will get back to you on that. The rest of the piece is absolutely truthful. It is Ken’s supporters who spread lies, by misrepresenting what Boris thinks. They also try to nick credit for the Boris bike scheme, will give you the link, because I did a blog about it.

    Ken has been unable to come up with any creative ideas and his campaign totally lacks inspiration. I am on twitter a lot and all Ken’s supporters do is slag off Boris and tell lies about Boris’s beliefs and many achievements. It is so so sad.

  6. ‘Val Shawcross, far left’ – LOL

    • I don’t know why you find it funny that the Back Boris team indicated who Val was. She is hardly a household name, is she?

  7. Not sure her support of the RMT strike undermines Labour, really. I supported their strikes myself.
    Thanks for passing this on to your team, Angela. About time the lies stopped.


    This is just rubbish. Ken’s campaign to be Labour’s candidate was run from a rented office in a building owned by TSSA, yes. Lots of organisations rent office space from TSSA, Age UK and Blind Dogs among them. This is in no way untoward.
    To say that ‘until just days ago’ Ken’s campaign was run from TSSA’s HQ shows how little research went in to this. Ken’s selection campaign ended in September. And as he is now Labour’s candidate, his team is based at Labour HQ, and has been from September. Why would he needlessly continue to rent space from TSSA?
    Try calling them, or the Labour Party, and have this confirmed if you don’t believe me. None of the right wing press seem to have done; instead they continue to spread this lie about. In fact, this entire blog post appears to just be another regurgitation of Andrew Gilligan’s ill-researched smears.
    Go get your facts straight before posting weird, made-up conspiratorial shit like this.

    • Hallo Shelley, have passed your comments to the Back Boris team. Surely the picture of Val Shawcross picketing with tube unions cannot be described as “weird, made up conspiratorial shit?” That is actually Val in the picture, and she is undermining London by supporting the strikers in my opinion. Although the piece is written by the Back Boris team, I certainly support their sentiments about Val, and regularly listen to her when I attend the London Assembly.

      Her blog telling Boris to get his act together, in the light of her other activities, is the height of hypocrisy surely?

  9. This sucks! Ken is undermining London and so is his deputy. Outrageous behaviour.

  10. Well, I do my best 🙂

    The earlier comments here seem to have hit the nail right between the eyes (to quote Ben Jharvi from “Short Circuit 2”) and remind us that the Left have only their own interests in view at all times.

    It is all too easy to be lulled into believing all the spin and propaganda that seems to indicate they have turned over a new leaf and have started to genuinely be interested in serving their country/community/whatever. They never do, and we mustn’t fall into that trap!

    • I had hopes that Ed Mili had principle and was putting this country first. His refusal to speak out against the violence in the student riots has deeply disappointed me.

  11. Thanks for your comment at mine. I have now posted my (neater!) version of your three points and a little more, plus a link to here, both at my ‘blog and as a guest post at Right Friendly’s place too.

    • John, everyone’s neater than mine, my techie skills are a bit wanting! Boris’s aides were so sweet 2 me and said it didn’t matter, but they are going to help me after Christmas! I need it!

      The way you have posted it around is just terrific.

  12. Makes you sick, doesn’t it.

  13. He’s got nothing else to offer, has he?

  14. Just the type of disgusting selfish behaviour we would have expected from Ken.

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