Huge drama at the WACA

Unbelievable tension and drama at the WACA last night.  Mitchell Johnson has been transformed from goofball to wrecking ball….. he took six for 38 to turn the tables on England.  The England bowlers are fighting back! Ricky is out for 1, and the Aussies are 119 for 3.

Who would have possibly believed it?  His confidence restored by a fighting batting performance of 62, Mitchell Johnson came on like Superman last night and took a brilliant 6 for 38!  England were all out for 187.  Shock, horror. England fans were poleaxed.  We were dying for them to win this match, but it was never going to be easy.  The signs were there on Day One that Mitchell Johnson was not going to lie down.  He was continually giving Strauss and his bete noir, Jimmy Anderson a mouthful, and his swashbuckling batting boosted his notoriously shaky ego.  Always mercurial, Mitch is on the up, and England need to squash him, pronto.

The Aussies ended on 119 for 3 at the close.  Simon Hughes has gone, Ricky Ponting has gone and now Chris Tremlett has shattered the stumps of Michael Clark.  The unpredictable pitch of the WACA, heart of Australian cricket, is dishing out some pain in this game, and we need to neutralise Mad Mitch, because the one result we don’t want is an Aussie win.

3 responses to “Huge drama at the WACA

  1. I wasn’t aware of some of the info that you wrote about so I want to just say thank you.

  2. Oh God, I don’t want Australia to win this match!

  3. This was nail biting stuff. I’m betting on England finding a hero who bats for a double century.

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