As reported in the London Metro, Mayor Boris Johnson said: ‘We live in a liberal democracy, I do not want to see the Met police engage in an arms race with the protesters,’ 

Protesters wanted for violent disorder

He added: “But, on the other hand, we need to keep this thing under review. Using the ‘non-lethal weapon’, deployed to quell civil unrest in Northern Ireland, would ‘hand a victory to the minority who use violence. We have free, open systems where the police do not use that kind of technique or weapon,’                                                              

Boris is clearly right about this.  However, I hate the thought of our police laying their lives on the line for Londoners, facing vicious trouble makers with missiles, out for a fight, when some stupid Londoners are ungrateful of the huge effort and bravery shown by the Met.  Anyone who slags off the police when they are risking their own safety, even though many of them have wives and families are ungrateful blockheads without a spark of imagination.  They need to go out with the police and face the danger with them, and maybe then they would sing a different tune.  I thank the Met. from the bottom of my heart and would say to them there are thousands of people in London who applaud your bravery and dedication to duty.

As shown on SKY TV, Theresa May is answering questions on the violence in the House right now with calm, firmness and aplomb.


  1. My ears are burning Angela and I respect your opinion but “stupid, ungrateful, blockhead, without a spark of imagination”? Do I use such insults against you?

    I wouldn’t dream of it.

    You are SO unbalanced about this. I support your reproduction of the images of the toerags and knaves who need to be caught and locked up. The trouble is you need another one of the violent policemen who deserve the same fate.

    Come on on Angela. Be fair!

  2. I agreee with angel’s article. We need to give support to the police. It is very regrettable when things go wrong and innocent bystanders get hurt, but in the main, the police are doing a great job, laying their own safety on the line. Boris has decided against the water cannon, so the police once again are risking themselves with very little protection.

    If agitators refuse to demo peacefully, there will be injuries, and we all deeply regret that.

  3. The kettling is definitely a suitable defence when things get out of hand. Water cannoning can be extremely dangerous and break limbs, they used it in Ireland.

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  5. You’re seriously behind the curve here people.

    It seems you, just like the political elite, don’t understand what’s going on here. I bet Boris catches up quicker than any of you and then you’ll be toadying up to him and changing your mind.

    As Matt Bolton writes:

    “They’re doing their own thing, driven by motivations that are a million miles away from the usual union piecemeal fare of higher wages and better conditions.

    What has been released in these past few weeks is a force that is much bigger, and runs much deeper, than anything this generation of politicians has seen before. It won’t be long before they begin to realise that.

    Is anyone still going to argue the Met police behaved proportionately to what happened last week?”

    And Attilla, even your namesake wouldn’t have been so stupid as to use kettling. Kettles boil, then they explode. Attilla had much more common sense than that!

  6. Simon Jenkins said today “There are risks in public life, and risks for all of us in moving about in a big city. Stuff happens. If we don’t want it to happen to us we can go and live in Hull. The reaction to last week’s events has been as hysterical and foolish as the riots themselves.”

  7. Probably the most balanced summary I’ve seen from an establishment figure and this a man who knows all about public disorder from his time as Chief Constable of Northern Ireland.

    “Small groups of very violent people have embedded themselves in large groups of very peaceful people.”

    Sir Hugh Orde, president of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

    The rabid, pro-police, anti-protestors among you should listen to a man who self-evidently knows far more about it than any of us.

    Boris would be ashamed of the illiberal and repressive views that some have expressed on this site.

  8. Nobody is anti-protest here at all!

  9. You could have fooled me but I’m glad to hear it.

    I detect some “adjustment” already. Just wait till Boris speaks, then it’ll be volte face all round with a cherry on top!

  10. Boris is held in hugely high regard and he is trusted and held in high esteem. He is far more popular than when he was first elected and what does that tell you?

    • I’ve always been a Boris fan Angela. You know that. That’s why I’m here.

      You wait, given the fact that he has to be judicious because he is chair of the police authority, Boris will come down on the side of the students on this because Boris knows best and the students have been disgracefully traduced by most of the media and politicians.

      Don’t be a Tory sheeple! Follow Boris’ example and stand up for what’s right!

  11. Peter, if you read my blog, you would know that I have stood up for the students. I think that what Nick Clegg has done is an absolute betrayal, and have said so forcibly both here and on twitter. So what are you on about? I don’t support the violence, nor the haranguing of the police. In the main, they are brave and decent, and I am sure you are right, there are a few that like violence, but in the main, they are doing what they believe is right.

    You haven’t read my blogs and have jumped to all the wrong conclusions and I resent a bit that you are implying I always agree with what Boris says, because I do not. I MOSTLY agree with what Boris says, but I make up my own mind.

  12. Good for you Angela.

    I’ve read very word you’ve written and I’m pleased to see you returning to a more considered, balanced position.

    There is wickedness on both sides but the attempt at a cover up that is going on by government and the national newspaper editors is shameful.

    Boris will not stand for it.

  13. Peter, I am not returning to a more considered balanced position. I am in the same position I have always been, understanding student anger, but anti-violence and strongly supportive of the police. I do not accept everything Boris says blindly, but I most agree with him completely, which is why I write this blog.

  14. I recommend introducing the Zatnicetel or Zat-gun as a non-lethal, directable instant stun weapon. Teal’C is a dab hand with thse.

    Actually, the mere presence of Teal’C would probably suffice to quell any disorder, with or without the Zat-gun…

  15. That’s interesting John. I do think that Boris’s refusal to let the Met. use stun guns, tear gas, or any of the measures used widely throughout Europe to quell riots is very admirable.

  16. Do you think so? That would be heroic! Peter, I talk to spam! You have to bear with me.

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