Boris comments on the violence

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said when he was interviewed on the BBC news tonight “People who go on marches should understand that their right to peaceful protest is being hijacked and undermined.”

Boris pointed out that the demo last night had included large numbers of people with missiles, intent on making trouble.  He said that whereas previously the police had been accused of being too tough, now they were being accused of not being tough enough.  When asked about the metal pipes and bricks lying around on the demo route, Boris said “The danger does not lie with the object, but in the mind of the  person prepared to use that object.”

Overall, the Mayor believes that the police did a good job. He would be sad to see the police take the route of using water hosing and rubber bullets,    “The right to protest and express yourself on the streets of London is a wonderful thing, “Boris said, “but peaceful marchers needed to understand that the right is being hijacked.  People who come to demo peacefully must emphatically dissociate themselves from what is taking place.”  One hundred per cent right on all counts.

16 responses to “Boris comments on the violence

  1. A very measured response from a man who’s usually accused of lacking subtlety.

    It needs to be. The police have been exposed, yet again, as a bunch of incompetents who can’t manage any response except thuggery. If they decide to retaliate for the way they’ve been humilated, there will be death on the streets of London again.

    And, with the worst possible timing, within the next few weeks we will have the gross misconduct hearing for PC Simon Harwood, the TSG officer who killed Ian Tomlinson.

    London could explode with these ingredients in the mix which is why the Mayor’s placatory tone is welcome. What chance of the two self-obsessed prats in Downing Street taking charge?

    None whatsoever.

  2. Anyone who accuses Boris of lacking subtlety has to be insensitive, because there are layers of meaning in his speeches and he is a brilliant communicator.

    It is such a hard job being in the police and I admire them so much.

  3. And now our “wonderful police force” wants to use a claymore mine type Taser against the students!!!!

  4. I think they are discussing all the options. What you would do….. let them wreck London? The police have a duty to protect the public.

    • Of course they do, so why are so many of them all fired up and eager to get out there and crack heads?

      Have a look at the Inspector Gadget website, read what the policemen themselves are saying, then tell me it doesn’t terrify you that these people hold the Queen’s warrant?

      No one admires a good copper more than me. The bad ones need to be rooted out and sacked and there are far too many of them since we made the job so well paid and comfortable.

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  6. How do you know they are keen to get out there and crack heads? Maybe they are apprehensive because they have wives and families. My brother in law is a copper, and trust me, in this situation, he is not dying to get out there. He does it because he believes in the job.

    One day, you will be in a jam, you will need the police and they will save your cynical, reprehensible ass because it is their job. When that day comes, I hope you will remember this conversation and feel ashamed.

    • What’s the matter Rose, don’t you like the truth? Can’t you understand that I am a fervent supporter of the police and that makes me angry that there are so many bad apples?

      You’re the one that should be ashamed for trying to cover up the truth. Supporting the good, brave, honourable policemen means standing up to the thuggish canteen culture.

      So don’t believe what I say. Read the disgusting Inspector Gadget website if you want to see in their own words what hundreds of coppers think.

      Some of it is here (Yes, actual quotes from real policemen):

  7. Sure there are, but they are not the majority. You are giving a distorted picture, but there is no getting through to you and you cannot see the damage you are doing, as lethal as the damage the professional anarchists are doing to this country.

  8. The same arguments about “professional agitators” have been rehearsed since at least 1789.
    Yes, a small minority ( or as Maccas ex wife hilariously said “a tiny majority”) have used the situation for thei own ends, but the nature of the cuts, and the nature of the policing allowed this to happen.

  9. Peter, your truth seems a little different from everyone elses.

  10. “Everyone else’s”????

    You seem to suffer from the same problem as so many policemen who can’t tell the difference betwen legitimate protestor and violent thug so they just beat up everyone they can get their hands on or charge horses headlong into groups where 90% of people are peaceful demonstrators.

    What an ignorant thing to say!

    Would you like me to point you to dozens of places where my views are regarded as too supportive of the police?

    I don’t mind people having different opinions from me but what I do object to is ignorance and crass generalisation. I’m sure you’re more intelligent than that really.

  11. Peter you are making the crass generalisations.

    • You usually have better judgement Angela. I could copy an endless list here of the number of times I’ve referred to both sides being in the wrong but I won’t bother.

      Tell you what, I bet, quite shortly, Boris comes out with some wise words about police incompetence and/or brutality . We’ll see how your attitude changes then.

      Crass generalisations? I’m the one calling for Charlie Gilmour to get two years!

      I know you’re charmingly naive about trivial things Angela but surely you’re not fooled by the Home Office propaganda?

  12. My complaint to the BBC concerning the interview with Jody McIntyre on BBC Breakfast.

    Bullying Of Jody McIntyre by Bill Turnbull
    I was absolutely disgusted at Bill Turnbull’s hectoring of Mr McIntyre. Particularly when Mr McIntyre quite reasonably said it was important to contextualise what had happened to him, Turnbull tried to shout him down and prevent him from explaining properly. Turnbull’s whole attitide was to suggest that McIntyre was responsible in some way for the assault on him and to cast doubt on his veracity and motives. It seemed clear that Turnbull was determined, perhaps even under orders, not to allow Mr McIntyre to explain the widespreaad police brutality which he had witnessed. The BBC has a duty to expose the disgraceful, incompetent and brutal conduct of the police at the protest in question and not to participate in the shutdown of information that the government wants. All our policemen are NOT wonderful. Many officers at the protest actively set out to attack and bully protestors. Bill Turnbull was doing the same thing. It was only the magnificent courage of Mr McIntyre that enabled him to face down Turnbull’s bullying and explain what happened to him.

    Anyone who saw this disgraceful performance by Bill Turnbull should complain to the BBC at:

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