Broad shocker! Beanpole paceman out of series; Botham and Chappell are still brawling

Lanky seam bowler Stuart Broad (he is 6 fit. 6 ins.  tall) is out of the Ashes series, with a serious injury, torn abdominal muscles. Meanwhile, Ian Botham and and Ian Chappell were trying to punch each other’s lights out in the Adelaide ground car park.

the legendary Sir Ian Botham

The England bowling is strong, and we have even lankier 6 ft 7 ins. Steve Finn to fall back on, but Stuart must be gutted, because he is passionate about his cricket.  That passion never dies.  Ian Botham and Ian Chappell were apparently duking it out in the Adelaide cricket ground car par, igniting a feud that has blazed for 33 years.  Apparently Chappell made a provocative remark to Beefy as he passed him.  “What  did you say?” said Beefy.  When he received an even more incendiary remark, they leapt for each other’s throats, and had to be pulled apart.

Age is nothing to these battling bruisers (55 and 67).  The feud dates right back to 1977, when Botham knocked Chappell off his bar stool for anti-Pom remarks, and chased him out of the bar, hurdling a car in his pursuit.  Chappell has a different version of events. He says Botham knocked him off his bar stool after calling him a p….  Beefy used to enjoy a family size pork pie before every match, with mustard,  and eat it in the bath.  He is clearly not lacking in testosterone, even though his batting days are over.

5 responses to “Broad shocker! Beanpole paceman out of series; Botham and Chappell are still brawling

  1. Having met Ian Chappell, I have to say that I found him to be a charming, if robust, man. He does have the capacity for long feuds though, not just with Botham, but with Aussie legend Don Bradman as well.

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  3. Apparently Botham and Ian Chappell don’t speak to each other after that initial fight, and it looks like time has not softened their rivalry. Chappell must be hurting at this complete domination by England.

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