Outraged Boris kicks FIFA out of the Dorchester

Boris Johnson’s honest anger and outrage were written all over his face, as he told an interviewer shortly after the vote for the World Cup Bid 2018 had been announced,  “I don’t believe the verdict was made on the merits of the bids.”

Since then, the duplicity and double dealing of Fifa has been revealed, as it became clear that votes were promised to England by people who had no intention of supporting us.  The whole thing was a giant stitch up, decided months ago.  Never one to smile hypocritically in the face of betrayal, Boris has exacted revenge by kicking FIFA out of the Dorchester.

Today’s Mail on Sunday reported: “FIFA president Mr Blatter and his team had been invited to stay in exclusive £1,000-a-night suites at the five-star hotel for more than a week during the Olympics.  The gesture was part of the charm offensive designed to woo FIFA – football’s world governing body – in the run-up to Thursday’s 2018 World Cup.

But London Mayor Mr Johnson, the official host of the Olympics, has withdrawn the offer to demonstrate his fury at the way FIFA threw out England’s bid. Well-placed sources said that when Mr Johnson met Mr Blatter in October, the FIFA boss made no secret of his ability to influence England’s fate.”

The whole of the UK will applaud our Mayor for his guts and commend the justice of his action.  Well done Boris and it is so great to have a Mayor who always sticks up for Londoners and the United Kingdom as a whole.  I am sure Prince William and David Cameron will be cheering you on.

13 responses to “Outraged Boris kicks FIFA out of the Dorchester

  1. Interesting article, I totally agree with other commenters, Keep writing

  2. Corporate Hospitality is really just a fancy term for a soft bribe. Just because it is openly declared, it doesn’t follow that it is somehow not a bung. It just means that companies and organisations replace brown envelopes with services.
    Given the state of Soccer, and the recent fashion in The City for hiring escorts for top clients and defining this expenditure as “Corporate Hospitality”, how is it cleaner than a straightforward bribe?

  3. Corporate hospitality is commonplace, it is not a bribe. You are talking rubbish.

  4. George there was no blatant bribe. There is such a thing as corporate hospitality. That’s what this was and it is all declard and abov board.

  5. Given that FIFA policy is to place the World Cup tournament in parts of the world where they want soccer to gain fans, and given that the game has reached saturation point in the UK, were we really likely to win?
    How much of a chance did “we” have? Who are “we”? Who really benefits from these bids? Apart from property developers, speculators, and PR men?
    Are the lasting benefits really that great? In that case, are Mexico, Argentina, South Korea still benefitting? Are we still benefitting from 1966?
    No more public money for private sporting scams. Ever.

  6. Go Bojo! Embarrass the sons of bitches, let them pay for their own accomodation.

  7. It’s outrageous that Boris’s blatant bribe to Fifa was unsuccessful in ensuring success for England’s bid. If larger bribes were needed this should have been made clear earlier and I’m sure Boris or Dave could have improved the bribe.

    These things should be completely open so we know the WC will go to the largest briber, as is right and proper.

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  9. They were egging us on to think we had a great chance, while all the while nobody meant to vote for us at all. How nasty is that? And poor David Cameron was flogging himself to death to promote the bid and Blatter even held Baby Florence and promised his vote, what a scumbag!

    Kick them out of the Dorchester by all means Boris, good riddance.

  10. The whole matter stinks to high heaven. We need to give FIFA a wide birth, and make our displeasure known as Boris has done.

  11. Everything is declared and out in the open, and it is the same as corporate hospitality. I’m really glad that Boris sticks up for Londoners and the UK because what happened was disgraceful.

  12. Are such offers declared in the bids?
    If not – then they should be.
    Otherwise it leaves open the chance of bribes along the lines of “If we win then you will get this unrelated gift”.

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