Kate Middleton’s horoscope

When examing the natal chart of Kate Middleton, there is much to reassure ardent Royalists that she is ready and capable of dealing with challenges ahead.  We wish with all our hearts that the marriage of Kate and Wills will be as devoted, enduring and solid as the marriage of our Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Kate is sometimes criticised for dressing and behaving in a manner that is older than her age.  As a Sun Capricorn, she is naturally mature, and Capricorns actually relax and become “younger” as they grow older.  Capricorns don’t panic easily, and as such, she will be a steadying influence on her deeply emotional husband. The fact that they share the same Moon sign, Cancer, is a most happy omen. (click on chart to enlarge.)

Kate’s Mercury is in an Air sign, Aquarius, as is her Venus.  It is important to her to be a friend and pal to her partner, and Wills’ Air Mercury in Gemini means they naturally understand each other.  Because they are born in the same year, they share many of the outer planets in common, so there is a natural affinity there.  Will’s Venus in Taurus is an excellent augur of future stability in love and proof that he can do his share of protecting.

Embarking on a Royal marriage is stressful and fraught with pitfalls.  The British royal family has had its share of heartbreak, brought on I do not doubt, purely because of the stresses of the job and the overwhelming pressure of the media. I believe the media has learnt its lesson now they have seen what that pressure did to Princess Diana and they will give the royal couple some leeway.  Their eagerness to share their big day with the world and their delight at boosting the British economy augurs well for the responsibility the couple will bring to their roles. Let’s hope that the fashion press have also learnt lessons from the past and will not critique Kate’s outfits too severely. Kate has the right to wear what she likes.

Hopefully the doom mongers will remember that in our Royal family we have the most outstanding testament to the endurance of love it is possible to find.  The marriage of our Queen and Prince Philip,  having withstood everything it is possible for life to inflict, has triumphantly endured and is an example to us all.

12 responses to “Kate Middleton’s horoscope

  1. This sounds hopeful. I believe what you say about royal marriages breaking up because of the stresses of the situation actually. That makes sense, we ought to cultivate a more understanding attitude.

  2. Great blog! The marriage is symbolic, and we all wish them well very sincerely.

  3. Reassuring words Angela. I think she seems to be the perfect girl forWilliam.

    I wish I could share your optimism about the way the press will behave though. I am increasingly disillusioned by our so called “free” press. All of them, qualities and tabloids follow their own agenda and fail miserably in their obligation to inform the public. The BBC is the only media organisation that you can call to account if it fails to provide balanced coverage.

    I was in London the day of the Millbank demo and while I condemn the violence, I concede that if it were not for what happened then I would never have known that52,000 people took to the streets that day. There have been other massive demonstration that the press have failed to cover.

    While I’m definitely a believer in small government, I think there is a case for more regulation of the media. They are so powerful and I do not trust their editiorial decisions. There is far too much power in the hands of editors and they abuse it every day.

  4. Good points. But I do think there is a lot of guilt in the media about Princess Diana in particular. They may trangress in the areas that you talk about, but editors have said on tv they know they were in the wrong regarding Princess Diana and don’t wish to make the same mistake again.

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  8. Disgusting comments from some bishop this morning on the royal wedding that it will only last 7 years. How nasty can anyone be? They should sack him, this is not kind.

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