Student doofuses are London’s most wanted

The pictures below are the doofuses who are wanted in connection with the student riots at Millbank Tower. The suspects are wanted for violent disorder in connection with all the criminal damage to the building and the dangerous throwing of a fire extinguisher from the roof.

The London Standard reported: “Today a detective leading the hunt for the rampaging students revealed that most of the 59 people arrested so far had little or no history of trouble.  Acting Detective Inspector Will Hodgson, who is leading Operation Malone, said the vast majority of those arrested were students.”

He said: “Unfortunately, we are finding that many of these people are young students who do not seem to have been in any trouble before. It appears they may have been provoked by more anarchist groups.  From a parent’s point of view it must be very concerning. These are young people committing really serious offences which I suspect may result in prison sentences for some.”

Maybe if a couple of students, having undergone the due process of law, were convicted, it would show the rest of the chuckle heads that the only thing they are achieving is to be fools to themselves.

4 responses to “Student doofuses are London’s most wanted

  1. When they have to face the consequences, maybe the others will think twice next time. They will lose all sympathy for their cause by turnign violent.

  2. I hope if anyone is fairly convicted, they are dealt with according to the letter of the law, maybe that will make other hotheads think twice.

  3. Must have been some sort of group madness, rushes of blood to the head, so they let off steam by chucking a few fire extinguishers, narrowly missing dashing somebody’s brains out.

    The students want the country to invest in their education letting them off paying tuition fees. Most of the students were peaceful, and hate violence, but who would invest in these crazy clowns.

  4. the vast majority of those arrested were students.

    Said so all along.

    I do blame the parents for the way their offspring behave, peaceful protest is one thing; personally once people start trying to bully or intimidate me I become unreasonsble and intransigent.

    After 13 years of Liebore I guess this is just another aspect of Broken Britain.

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