Royal Wedding: engagement ring is Princess Diana’s

Married or unmarried, gay or straight, prince or commoner, whatever religion or race you are, all that matters is that you love each other.

ps. Our ever economical Mayor offered City Hall as a venue for the wedding.  Boris is so keen to promote London, you can probably get odds at Ladbrokes that he will be the ring bearer.

11 responses to “Royal Wedding: engagement ring is Princess Diana’s

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  2. God bless them.

  3. Aaah! That’s so sweet Peter. I think that too. They know each other very well. There was so much sorrow for Wills and Harry in the past, I truly hope they will be very happy.

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  5. I wish them both well it’s just when I saw that engagement ring I came over all cold and shuddered

    • Neil, what happened with Princess Diana was very sad, but she and Charles were so obviously unsuited. Diana had had a dreadful childhood, but Kate Middleton seems very down to earth and grounded. They have known each other for an awfully long time and trust and care about each other.

      I would be willing to bet they will make a go of it and I hope so.

      • Peter Reynolds

        Angela, I agree.

        I feel quite anxious for her. Whatever she thinks she’s let herself in for she needs to apply a power of 10. She seems very bright and mature though. My money’s on her doing a wonderful job and honouring, not eclipsing, her mother in law.

  6. Peter, I have a good feeling about this. It will be very hard living in a goldfish bowl, surrounded by courtiers, and dealing with a family who are set in their ways. But as you say, Kate seems bright and mature, and there is a common sense and steadiness there. She is a Capricorn, they are realists.

    Will have a look at the charts. I understand why you and Neil are worried, but I appreciate the kindness of both your comments. It would be so mean to be cynical about this.

  7. Yes, Capricorn. My eldest son’s star sign and my rising sign. In my experience – calculating.

  8. Peter, no sign is purely bad or good. It is true that the down side of Capricorn is calculating and materialististic. On the plus side, Capricorns are faithful, reliable, grounded, realistic, able to handle stress…. you can choose to manifest the positive side.

    I know you are a Virgo, and Virgos can be too hard on others, but most of all on themselves. They seek perfection, which at their worst can make them hard to live with, but at their best means they give their all in support of their partner, and when doing a job. I should look at your chart for you.

    • Oh I definitely see the positive aspect as well. I’m far too often ruled by my heart. I wish I could be more calculating!

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