Check your facts please, Andrew Marr

So so annoying.  Ian Duncan Smith was on the Andrew Marr show this morning, and Andrew Marr stated quite categorically that Boris was not in favour of reforming housing benefit.  IDS immediately put him right, and Andrew was kind enough to say, “OK, he was misquoted.”

Andrew, that’s right, Boris was misquoted and misunderstood over his interview with Vanessa Feltz and what was actually said is reported hereBoris spent the first part of the interview saying how important it was to reform housing benefit and prevent people from milking the system.  He also defended David Cameron on the subject. It was only later in the interview that he said that the truly vulnerable must be protected, and just because Boris has the sensitivity to empathise with the anxiety that many people feel and wants to protect them, does not mean he is against tackling the scroungers.  I loved how Boris said “Not on my watch!” it was terrific.  

As Mayor, it is his job to look after Londoners.  I am sure that David Cameron agrees wholeheartedly with this sentiment anyway.

Andrew, you are a such a good interviewer, and I enjoy your show so much.  Because Boris gives such multi-faceted answers to any question, it is only fair to him to go right back to the original source before passing judgment.  The press latched on to Boris’s later remarks, while ignoring a hefty chunk of the initial part of the dialogue, and it would be awful if you encouraged the public to believe something that wasn’t true.

3 responses to “Check your facts please, Andrew Marr

  1. A little bit OTT here angel! Andrew Marr did apologise immediately. Are you always waiting like a panther to leap on the case of anyone who criticises Boris? haha!

  2. Errr, yes! That is exactly what I do! Sorry Andrew Marr, we love you really.

  3. I really love internet for schuchs blogs

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