Boris bikes, bees, barges and butterflies

We have Boris bikes, (the scheme is wildly successful) and soon we might have Boris bees.  Boris intends to encourage beekeeping in the capital, a lovely idea.  We might have Boris barges soon (I  imagine them like quinquiremes of Ninevah), but he is talking about sturdy barges on our waterways.

The beekeeping idea would be brilliant and the benefit of bees is explained hereAnother beautiful creature  is being threatened.   37% of all native butterflies have either disappeared or are on the brink of extinction.  Fewer than half of the 62 species of butterfly found in Britain are in a healthy state. How wonderful it would be if as well as propogating more bees, Boris rode to the rescue of the butterfly.

Boris’s ideas are all so BBBBBbeautiful. Oh and of course, the wonderful new Boris bus, the Picasso of buses.  A stylish design, that will be a huge tourist attraction.  (Good design doesn’t come cheap,  but it pays for itself over and over. )  These are all Boris brainwaves. 

5 responses to “Boris bikes, bees, barges and butterflies

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  2. Boris is always thinking of good ideas, he is a great Mayor, and will undoubtedly whip Ken soundly when it is time to vote.

  3. Lets hope Boris bumble stops thinking and gives his arse a rest

  4. Lovely post. Enjoyed it.

  5. I would love to see Boris riding to the rescue of the butterfly, preferably on a white steed.

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