Quirky fashion tips from Dame Vivienne Westwood

Plugged into the zeitgeist like no other fashion designer, Dame Vivienne Westwood, in the “Style” section of the Sunday Times, explains that at the moment, in precarious economic times, fashion is all about DIY.

Speaking at the Southbank Centre, Dame Vivienne said “I’m so upset and worried.  Our beautiful planet.  What is going to happen to us?” Stop buying clothes for six months is her advice.  Make things last, and don’t keep putting them in the washing machine. “Wear a towel instead of a coat, it’s very chic!  Or your husband’s boxer shorts with a belt, or something from your grandmother.  It’s all about do-it-yourself at the moment.”

In the past, Queen of Punk Dame Vivienne has urged us not to surrender to consumerism, fads and propoganda. DIY fashion is a chance for us to explore our own ideas.  Revive those sewing and knitting skills, it is not that hard.  Anyone can knit themselves a huge, chunky muffler in stocking stitch, on big needles, or sew on a button.  Decorate your knits with buttons. Even if you make mistakes, they are your mistakes, and can be turned into quirky fashion points.  For a soothing, creative hobby, try needlepoint.  Then make cushions from the results.  With Dame Vivienne as your inspiration, you will discover the joy of true uniqueness.

11 responses to “Quirky fashion tips from Dame Vivienne Westwood

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  2. Dame Vivienne Westwood is just fabulous. She is so clued up, there is nobody like her.

    Thanks for the link-ups!

  3. I included you in my link roundup today, so you will have incoming links from three different sites. It’s a good article, and who doesn’t love the world’s sanest, craziest redhead?

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  6. Hahaha Neil. But you have let me down. What fate shall we design for Cleggie?

  7. If have a quirky fashion tip for Gordon Brown, Chris Huhe and Ed Balls it involves piano wire, a lamp post and step ladder though when you are done the step ladder can be removed.

  8. Not sure about the bath towel. But the rest is great.


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